Eating the old man and his girlfriend living together his daughter threw his father only to 500

Eating the old man and his girlfriend living together his daughter threw his father only to 500 yuan per month on November 1st Fuzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Ceng Jianbing Zhou Yining) recently, Aoyibo early in the morning to the Gulou District Justice Bureau of justice street, excitedly holding a mediator telling his son to his troubled life. Ao, a 40 year old, divorced 8 years ago, seeing that his father, Ao Bo Bo, was not allowed and did not help deal with his current girlfriend’s marriage, he rented out with his girlfriend outside, and threw his father’s daughter with his ex-wife to take care of his father, and only gave his father 500 yuan a month alimony. In the last few years, the unit was dismissed, suspected to be father harassment to the company, and the contradiction between father and son deepened further. That his father sold the old house, also asked his father to give money, or the Jinan District property transfer to him. Because the opinions are not unified, the tension between the two sides is tense. That father and son grievances after the mediator told Ao, according to the "security law" People’s Republic of China twenty-second stipulates the rights and interests of the elderly, the elderly of personal property, possession, use, income and disposition rights according to law, children or other relatives may not interfere, not to steal, cheat, extort etc. infringement of elderly the property rights and interests, a right distribution of their father’s property. After the mediator patiently and meticulously ideological education and legal interpretation, Ao eventually realized his mistake, agreed to no longer harass his father. Our case dotting the parents give the child’s help in the material and spiritual, generally only "sacrifice", rarely return". Such as let the elderly help take the children, interfere with the old man’s real estate allocation, etc., in fact, "chew the old" behavior, this "neet" although not material, but "bite" is the old man’s energy and time. In this case, the son’s marriage has been asking his father to help deal with, because the father does not help, resulting in tension between father and son, contradictions. The mediator interprets the parties respectively, makes the son change his idea, and finally the relationship between father and son is eased.

啃老男与女友同居把女儿扔给老父 每月只给500元   福州日报11月1日讯(记者 曾建兵 通讯员 周懿宁)近日,敖依伯一大早就来到鼓楼区司法局东街司法所,激动地拉着调解员诉说儿子敖某给他的生活带来的困扰。   现年40岁的敖某8年前离婚,见父亲敖依伯不允和不帮助办理其与现女友的婚事,就与女友在外租房住,而把与前妻所生女儿扔给父亲照顾,每月只给父亲 500元抚养费。加上前几年被单位辞退,怀疑是父亲到公司骚扰,父子矛盾进一步加深。得知父亲把老房子卖了后,还要求父亲给钱,或者将晋安区的房产过户给 他。因意见不统一,双方关系紧张。   得知父子积怨的情况后,调解员告诉敖某,根据《中华人民共和国老年人权益保障法》第二十二条规定,老年人对个人的财产,依法享有占有、使用、收益和 处分的权利,子女或者其他亲属不得干涉,不得以窃取、骗取、强行索取等方式侵犯老年人的财产权益,敖某无权分配父亲的房产。经过调解员耐心细致的思想教育 和法律解说,敖某最终意识到自己的错误,同意不再骚扰父亲。   案例点睛   我国父母在物质、精神上给予孩子的帮助,普遍只有“牺牲”,很少求“回报”。诸如让老人帮忙带孩子、干涉老人的房产分配等,其实就是“啃老”行为, 这种“啃老”虽不是物质上的,却“啃”的是老人的精力和时间。本案中儿子的婚事一直要求父亲帮助办理,因父亲不帮忙,造成父子关系紧张,发生矛盾。调解员 分别对当事人进行法律解读,让儿子转变观念,父子关系终于缓和。相关的主题文章:

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