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Reference-and-Education Pluto Kids Play School is a well-established play group to nursery, KG\ LKG School located in posh locality of Sector 1- Vaishali, Ghaziabad. We are offering English medium co-education school studies to small 2-4 years old kids. We have introduced all the special facilities to the children which help them to learn quality education in the school. Here we are treating all kids equally just like the blossom flowers in the garden (school). Our school provides best infrastructures, highly qualified in child psychology and experienced teaching staffs to make the children well learned. The teachers are paying individual attention on each child here. We are arranging programmers and activities, including brain development activities, like clay modeling, coloring, dancing, aerobics etc. Here students will feel just like their own home. The motto of school lies to develop good confidence in each child so that they will be well mixed up in their environments in school etc. Students at Pluto kids get part in various .petitions during class activates like rhyme recitation, painting and dance .petition, birthday celebration and the festivity of various national and international festivals. We are including modern style of teaching learning methodology in our school which provides students learning through play way methods. Here students are growing by developing their overall personality since their childhood. Students are getting easy ways to learn basic of Maths, English and Hindi subjects in the play way methods. Kids are also enhancing their quality .munication and learning skills in our play school. Parents who wish to send their dear ones in one of the eminent play school of their area can apply here online by using Onlineschooladmissions.. You can apply in the classes play group, Nursery and KG. Here students are getting all sorts of recreational and pleasurable activities. However, in today’s very .petitive scenario in the early years students are getting quality guidance to develop awareness towards learning/reasoning and inculcate basic behavioral skills. In well-disciplined environments students are getting good chances to self-exploration and realization of their sensitivities. In infrastructure we are providing good air conditioned classrooms for all classes. The decoration of the class rooms are specially done by the .bo efforts of each student and along with their class teacher. We are using all sorts of AV and Montessori equipments in our school to teach students with our best efforts. The school owns various activities area a dance room, music room, toy room and art room to cater the needs of the students well. In the library, we are offering rich collection of children books that help students to inculcate good reading habits. In the .puter classes students are being taught about all the essential .ponents of .puters with the basic knowledge how to operate its various systems. This concept will make children .puter friendly too. Day care facility, mid-day meals, and a hygienic leaving area under the kind supervision of attendants and teachers are also provided to each student. So that parents can feel a good relief at their working area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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