Enrollment is responsible for tampering with the completion of the target candidates candidates-cancam

The person responsible for the completion of enrollment indicators of tampering with the original title: tampering with the candidates to volunteer volunteer candidates admissions teacher arrested according to the Xinhua news agency to complete the recruitment task, a university in the city of Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province were responsible for the recruitment of a high and a girlfriend, contrary to the wishes of the candidates, the candidates tampered with the college entrance examinations, leading candidates not successfully admitted to the ideal university. Currently, the two people on suspicion of destruction of computer information system crime, the crime of infringing upon personal information of citizens is treated according to law. August 23rd, the Mudanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xi’an Branch received a report that the candidates were the first to fill the first malicious tampering, the other colleges and universities to fill the volunteer all deleted. After the police investigation, locking a suspect and his girlfriend a high. August 30th, the police will be a high in Qingdao, a public arrested. It turned out that a high school in Qingdao, a college admissions officer in Mudanjiang, his girlfriend, a jobless. After the college entrance examination, the two suspects to Liu school enrollment. When he learned that Liu has intention, two people invited Liu to the office on a high, this let Xiao Liu immediately decided to apply for the school, and in the office of the school for the first voluntary reporting. A private account of Liu’s login account and password and other information, and told a high. After multi understanding, Liu found that the school is not so good, it will be changed from the first volunteer to third volunteers, but also fill in the other 3 institutions. August 21st, Liu came to the university admission notice, after the opening was found to be a high school. Scores have exceeded the first voluntary school scores, how will be third voluntary school admission? One family feel strange, then reported. A high of two people admitted that in August 4th, the use of a high access to a public login password and other information, in the Internet log in college entrance examination voluntary reporting system, found that Liu has previously reported the first volunteer to be changed into a volunteer of third. In order to ensure the completion of the recruitment task, a high private deleted Liu all other institutions, the college entrance examination will be changed to only apply for a high school. At present, the suspect on suspicion of a high degree of destruction of computer information system crime, a public suspicion of infringement of personal information of citizens has been taken coercive measures. Afterwards, the police actively with the entrance examination in Heilongjiang Province Office of coordination and communication, and to the recruitment department issued legal documents. At present, the recruitment department in accordance with the Liu’s college entrance examination, are related to their re registration admission matters. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章:

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