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Some children in the entertainment | Lin Dan wife during pregnancy derailed to see how netizens say – Lin Dan and the woman embracing entertainment Sohu Sohu touch the buttocks entertainment news (Martin Er Wen) "super Dan" today found "derailed" scandal, and his wife Xie Xingfang during pregnancy. A mysterious woman derailed Lin Dan is Miss intercontinental, skin white and beautiful long legs, has also been linked with Gao Hu. Once the "good man" image of Lin Dan collapsed, his wife was pregnant during the derailment cannot endure, and there are a number of evidence before us. "Eat melon masses" has been rushed to the road, the new "Satin hand contest" began, you will soon catch up with! Ad 1874: @ Lin Dan responded: just from the poor signal pitch back, see this not reliable thing, it is ridiculous, but many have no speculation analysis, are the facts, did not expect to cause such misunderstanding, can only say that after talking skills, more important can not chat in the evening, not in the room chat, long experience, thank you for reminding. Anonymous: @ you misunderstood Lin Dan, he just wanted to retire after the switch in fashion design! The video is obviously to help his clothing model volume. When you forget to take a cloth ruler, the hand test is a basic skill that a normal tailor must master. Please don’t let him go so hard! Little strawberry se7en: actually Zhao five children also very humane, then photographed these photos when Xie Xingfang was pregnant for eight months, afraid she can not stand the blow, she has been born after the child was exposed… Zhuo Wei you have to refuel oh! @ a teacher: teacher of noble character and high prestige Zhuo Wei and Zhao Wuer’s competition continues, miserable is the artist ah. @bot lost: that, excuse me, Zhang Xinyu’s dog found it? (reminder: no get to see the original video @): Hawick Lau should thank Wang Yu Lin Dan, his affair with Wang Ou finally down! @ Tucao Jun: today Lin Dan derailed eating melon masses of the process: first go @, micro-blog under the curse of Lin Dan, to explain! Go to @ Zhao Yaqi collar, under the curse mistress. Then find Xie Xingfang micro-blog comfort Xie Xingfang. To @ Chinese first paparazzi Zhuo Wei, micro-blog said he was a waste. Go out of the old artists through micro-blog rail. One day in the past…… I just don’t believe! It is clear that the eighteen line of the small star in the hype, do not look for me. However, in this "Satin hand contest", Wuli Chen is inexplicably lying gun, because…… Lin Dan hit the face of Chen said @i scripts: Zeng Xiaoxian and derailed? @ National Model Student: Chen thing, everybody down, his ex-wife has its own life, and he is also having a baby at this time, Lin Dan was derailed, Chen also pulled out a scolding…… @ king Wang Tianshuai: you this in paeonol Ceng Xiaoxian, super fast! Class! Dan!相关的主题文章:

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