EU lifted partial sanctions on Russia and extended arms embargo-autobots

EU lift Belarus some sanctions while extending arms embargo EU lift Belarus sanctions   15 February, Xinhua news agency, Brussels (reporter Sun Yi) 15, the EU announced the lifting of Belarus part of sanctions, including Russian President Lukashenka on access to the EU’s ban, but at the same time will be extended to Belarus arms embargo period a year. EU foreign ministers will decide on the same day, the lifting of Belarus Lukashenka and other 170 people in the EU and EU ban and asset freeze, the termination of the 3 companies in Belarus economic sanctions. However, according to the 4 Belarus people involved in the disappearance of Belarus’s opposition politicians, sanctions and Belarus arms embargo will remain for a year. The EU said that the past two years in Belarus in the framework of the EU "Eastern Partnership" to actively participate in the relations between the two sides can be improved, the open attitude to the further development of bilateral relations. At the beginning of 2011, the European Union and the United States presidential election in Belarus "fraud" on the grounds that Belarus announced the implementation of sanctions, including the prohibition of more than Belarus immigration officials, freeze the accounts and assets. Recently, the relationship between the EU and Belarus has eased off. In October last year, the European Union decided to freeze the relevant sanctions for 4 months. (finished) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222 欧盟解除对白俄罗斯部分制裁 同时延长武器禁运   原标题:欧盟解除对白俄罗斯部分制裁    新华社布鲁塞尔2月15日电 (记者孙奕) 欧盟15日宣布解除对白俄罗斯部分制裁,其中包括对白俄罗斯总统卢卡申科出入欧盟的禁令等,但同时将对白俄罗斯武器禁运的期限延长一年。   欧盟成员国外长会当天决定,解除对卢卡申科等170名白俄罗斯人在欧盟的资产冻结和出入欧盟禁令,终止对3家白俄罗斯公司的经济制裁。然而,针对涉及白俄罗斯反对派政客等人失踪案的4名白俄罗斯人的制裁,以及对白俄罗斯的武器禁运仍将维持一年。   欧盟方面表示,近两年白俄罗斯在欧盟“东部伙伴关系”框架下积极参与,双方关系得以改善,欧盟对进一步发展双边关系持开放态度。   2011年初,欧盟和美国以白俄罗斯总统选举“舞弊”为由,宣布对白俄罗斯实施制裁,内容包括禁止多名白俄罗斯高官入境,冻结其账户和资产等。近期,欧盟与白俄罗斯关系趋于缓和,去年10月欧盟决定将相关制裁冻结4个月。(完) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章:

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