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Fashion-Style Natural hair care is an essential part of body care. Now-a-days there are a wide variety of products available in the market to protect your hair. We are using different types of hair care products depending upon the price, availability and our preference. Also advertisements have a great impact. But if you want to maintain the quality of hair growth, you must follow adequate natural hair care methods. We should know certain facts before choosing a product or a method to care your hair. First of all, you should identify the nature of your hair as different types of hair needs different products. Most of the products contain chemicals which will affect your hair adversely. Some may cause headache and skin problems too. Therefore one must be very careful when choosing products to care your hair. You can read the reviews, list of ingredients and the complaints and suggestions of various consumers who already used the product on the internet. Also it is better to avoid applying shampoo directly to the scalp. Similarly, never rip through tangles in the curls because it results clumps of hair. You can use either shikakai powder or urad dal paste mixed with fenugreek powder to wash your curls naturally as there are no chemicals. Another important factor which determines the health and beauty of hair is the lifestyle and diet. If you do not get sufficient vitamins and minerals, it will end in premature graying, get plagued, dandruff and many such problems. Therefore try to include cereals, tomatoes, orange fruits, green vegetables, and dairy products in your regular diet. Additionally wheat germs and whole grains give enough minerals including copper, iron and zinc. Drinking a mix of yogurt, skimmed milk, honey and bananas can prevent hair loss. You can get the required shine for your hair by rinsing it with the combination of lemon juice and warm water. Also avoid swimming in chlorinated water or always remember to wear a cap to protect your hair. Please take extra care to keep away from very hot or cold water while washing it. Similarly, sleeping well, keeping away from stress, and massaging the scalp using oil have a great impact on hair care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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