Fax Broadcast Service Plays A Vital Role In Crisis .munications-bleep

.puters-and-Technology It’s been several months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, but the images of the mass destruction still remain fresh in our minds. The Japan earthquake goes down as the fourth worst ever recorded, killing 15,000 people and leaving over 50,000 still missing. But as widespread as the destruction was, it could have been worse. The US Department of Homeland Security reports that had the Japanese not had an early warning system ready to go, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami could have wrought far worse destruction and taken more lives. Fax broadcast was one of the many channels used to .municate critical information as the crisis unfolded. When you utilize fax broadcast service, you can get a single message out to unlimited recipients, this saves you valuable time when it’s essential to get your message out quickly. During the Japan crisis, NOAA’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued warnings immediately following the earthquake, including alerts sent via fax broadcast. Other examples of fax broadcast in action show how valuable a tool it can be when time is of the essence. • Police agencies use fax broadcast to get amber alerts out to the media. • College campuses use fax broadcast to deliver timely warnings of campus crimes or threats to safety. • Emergency preparedness offices use a fax broadcast service to issue weather event warnings. Yours may not be a situation where there’s an imminent threat to security or public safety. But any crisis can inflict damage to an organization. Operations can be disrupted. Reputations shattered. Crisis .munications plans are designed to mitigate that risk, and fax broadcast can play an important role in a plan’s successful execution. Use it to not only send initial alerts, but to provide critical updates as the situation develops. With fax broadcast: • You can create one or more recipient lists in advance, maintain them easily and access them immediately. • A single message can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients. • Message delivery is verified, giving you peace of mind knowing your critical .munication was received. With the cutting edge technology, a single message can be broadcast simultaneously through several different channels: fax, SMS text, email and telex. By .bining delivery channels, you can increase the chances of your critical message being heard when and where it’s needed. In today’s 24/7 news cycle, no organization, business or government is exempt from a crisis played out in the public arena. Those with crisis .munication plans, however, will be in a better position to minimize the business impact and financial damage, and fax broadcast can play an important role in a plan’s success. Whether you’re in the business of saving lives or saving face, fax broadcast can help you get the word out more efficiently than ever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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