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Female drug addicts steal save methadone to sit high iron by the police seized Xingju news Sohu – Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) Beijing morning news reporter yesterday from the Beijing police detachment was informed that in October 24th the marshals seized a drug high iron woman, after inspection, liquid carry the national strict control of the drug addicts drug substitution drug methadone, a total of 561.09 grams. Currently, the woman has been Beijing railway police criminal detention. In October 24th, police in Shenzhen by the north to Beijing West train G72 on routine patrol, police said the conductor in the bathroom smoking, and caused the smoke alarm. The police beat the bathroom door, out of a young woman admitted to smoking in the bathroom. Police found the woman in a trance, speak enunciation unclear, then found a bottle of mineral water bottles are light brown in an unknown liquid carrying luggage items. Zhang confessed that he had a history of drug abuse, the bottle of liquid for methadone solution. It is understood that methadone is strict state control of narcotic drugs, mainly used as a treatment for drug addiction especially alternative drug addicted to heroin, although the drug, but with the relevant departments of medical drugs is. According to Zhang explained that she is prevention and control center received methadone solution 90 mL daily in a disease in Hunan Province, including in the mouth and then wait for an opportunity to spit into the mineral water bottle, so quietly saved 561.09 grams. The Beijing to find a job, fear of drug seizures, to prepare for possible period of want or need. Zhang has been Beijing railway police criminal detention.相关的主题文章:

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