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Five provinces over the responsibility of the central environmental inspector who passed the 2600 signal? Beijing – recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate has to Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Inner Mongolia inspectors feedback opinion, not as slow as the party with responsibility for the implementation is not in place, the natural ecological protection zone of the loss of basic functions and other words sparked heated debate. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of these five provinces because of the total number of environmental accountability was more than 2600 people. The effectiveness of environmental inspectors? What signal is the word "harsh"? Not as slow as a serious violation of the development of nature reserves to promote the implementation of environmental protection is not strong, not as slow as the problem is more prominent, some areas of the environment is very grim……" This is the central environmental protection inspectors recently expressed to the Henan provincial government feedback. According to the feedback, Henan province has many cadres such as "short term at the expense of the environment for growth is inevitable, serious air pollution is mainly affected by topography, precipitation, wind and other external conditions affect the" understanding of the error and bias, which leads to environmental protection work and promote the implementation of pressure conduction is not in place, not strong enough. The supply of oil products as an example, the 2015 Henan diesel supply more than 75% ordinary diesel, resulting in a large number of ordinary diesel is not up to the national standard of four is used as a vehicle diesel engine, the oil and gas recovery deadlines as inspectors are delayed, nearly half of the task did not complete. In addition, published in five provinces of the inspectors feedback, were pointed out natural protection area environmental damage issues: the Yellow River wetland protection area of Sanmenxia has many enterprises disorderly exploitation, for a variety of illegal development activities in natural reserve of Yancheng national rare birds, the loss of the basic ecological function area Erdos relictus National Nature protection. Air quality decline in Zhengzhou, Xuzhou and other cities were named air pollution is one of the key issues of concern in the environmental inspectors. Zhengzhou City, Xinxiang Province, Heilongjiang City, Harbin Province, Ningxia City, Yinchuan Province, Jiangsu Province, were named """. Feedback pointed out that in 2015 the province’s PM10 concentration, PM2.5 concentration indicators were ranked third in the country and the first in Henan. In the first half of 2016, Henan province PM10 and PM2.5 concentration indicators were ranked second in the country. Henan, Zhengzhou air quality in the country’s 74 key cities in the rankings, from 2013 down to the bottom of all the way down to the first half of 2016, the last third place in the top tenth. Heilongjiang, Harbin has also been accused of promoting environmental governance is not strong enough". Inspectors feedback pointed out that the serious air pollution in winter in Harbin, frequent heavy pollution weather, affecting people’s production and living. Inspectors found that the elimination of false coal-fired boilers, Nangang, Xiangfang two district in 2015 reported that the elimination of the 165 coal-fired boilers have been eliminated in the actual no more than 48 units. Ningxia autonomous region in 2014 and in 2015, the average annual concentration of PM10 increased by 20.6% and 21.8%, respectively, in the past two years, did not complete the National Atmospheric assessment tasks in 2013. 2015 winter, Yinchuan for the first time continuous fog and haze weather. 20.相关的主题文章:

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