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Forensic secret quietly popular, where it looks good – recently, the 10 set of exploration documentary "forensic secret files", in the end of its CCTV CCTV-9 show. Without any publicity, but the audience by word of mouth, in the circle of friends and lit up. At present, the forensic dense file watercress score as high as 8 points. These two days, the official website of CCTV and CCTV-9 still can see this documentary in the broadcast. And its second quarter has begun to prepare, and will be broadcast on CCTV record channel. Why is it so popular? Reporters interviewed the producer, director general Hu Zhitang. The first documentary about forensic, in the CCTV broadcast a reporter to interview the total film director, tells the story behind the film "forensic" secret files quietly popular, it looks good except where I have been involved in the forensic appearance in 2013, Hu Zhitang led his team, started a "secret" of the forensic documentary creation. The film is fully invested and produced by CCTV channel. During the preparatory program group and the more than and 50 national public security departments have established links from hundreds of closed real cases, ten cases were selected to shoot. "We will be the most representative, best reflect the role of forensic science and the most popular cases, to show in front of the audience." Hu Zhitang said, the standard is: do not see. Many of the audience to "first impression" is the true forensic secret files, in addition to "feel the actors involved, the blood stains of the crime scene, forensic evidence shows, all kinds of experiments which do ah, like really." In fact, netizens half right. Hu Zhitang said that all the people involved in the film (the deceased, the suspect, etc.) is played by the actor, but all forensic and investigators, are the real person in charge of the case. "Some forensic and police officers have now been transferred to other posts and places to take office, when shooting, we put them to the original work of the interview. Only they are the ones who know the case best." How does the audience understand the basic situation of each case? To reproduce the scene, each piece to see the scene, are based on the file data and the investigators show, the most real return. The same room furnishings, the same evidence placed, even to a small footprint, a string of blood." Hu Zhitang said. The forensic messy process of reducing crime in order to allow the audience to better understand the principle of forensic investigation, the program group limited in the long program, emphasized in making various forensic analysis based on the judgment of scientific principle. Hu Zhitang cited an example, for example, sixth sets of blood "code", the scene suddenly appeared three dead, messy scene make people confused. However, according to the forensic scene left different shapes of blood, restore the whole process of the crime. For example, you see the blood spatter, is arterial rupture, blood ejecting caused by the use of weapons is the traces of activity. According to the blood, the forensic can launch the deceased相关的主题文章:

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