Fuchs, Warner into Korean film market forces of the new secret is what zhongguorentiyishu

Fuchs, Warner into Korean film market forces of the new secret is what Fuchs pictures, Warner Bros. entertainment news (the Tencent LOGO Remy has entered the one hundred million) Korean movie viewing trips era. Now, every year there are more than two at the box office movie has tens of millions of people is commonplace thing. Last year the "Assassination" and "veteran" box office of more than 10 million, this year has also appeared in a "million film" "Busan line", this year is expected to total annual box office will be over 100 million people, South Korea movie box office for five consecutive years will be over 100 million people. South Korea’s four largest film film distribution company CJ entertainment, Lotte entertainment, SHOWBOX and NEW four companies. This year’s first "ten million film" "Busan line" issue company is NEW, and last year’s "ten million film" "Assassination" and "veteran" of the distribution companies were SHOWBOX and CJ entertainment. The four companies with strong capital and planning ability to actively invest in movies, obtained remarkable achievements and benefits, the four status has been consolidated. But from the beginning of this year, Han Guo Zhong Wu Lu emerged in a dramatic third forces. They are twentieth Century Fuchs pictures and Warner bros.. The two companies are not native South Korea four film distribution company, is not a small planning company, but they set production, distribution in one, respectively, and released the "investment" and "spy" cry two movies. Although these two works seem to be full of Korean movies, but further to see if there are differences, they are dependent on foreign capital to produce the Korean film. Talk about the twentieth Century Fuchs pictures, their fourth film production and distribution finally brought amazing achievement. Before the "runaway dad" (2012), "slow motion" (2014), "my intimate enemies" (2015) is also full of ambition though menacing, but from the box office hit some distance. But to their fourth movie "cry", finally made a big! "Cry" as the film director Luo Hongzhen, not only is a finalist in this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the film works are popular at home and abroad, from the media and the audience are well received; "crying" in South Korea total box office reached 6 million 800 thousand people, caused a viewing boom. In the United States on the rotten tomatoes website freshness reached 100%, but also proved that the Korean film can really have the power to run the world film market. The Warner Brothers is the highlight of this year starring Song Kanghao, Kong Liu movie "secret agent". Warner Bros. hired before the responsible for the "weekend bed", "boy, bad guy, the guy strange", "the defender" made by Cui Zaiyuan (sound), the film "secret agent" also gave him to make. The film is directed by Kim Jiwoon, a director with a high profile in the world, and has produced an excellent film with a high degree of completion. "Spy" released in Korea only 11 days, the box office has exceeded 5 million passengers, the rising speed is almost equal to the box office locked the "million film advance". "Spy" will also be in this month 23 days in North America more than and 40 City, the North American box office is also very exciting. "Cry", ""相关的主题文章:

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