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UnCategorized Glassware is a popular choice for gifts of all types. Due to their fragile nature, most people have the need for additional decorative or useful glasses on a regular basis. No matter how much care is taken in washing these delicate objects, occasionally accidents happen. They are dropped, goblets get placed in a dishwasher improperly or a chip or crack appears for no particular reason. In its broadest sense, the term may be used for any object made of glass, but is most commonly understood to be the part of a table setting made of the material and used for drinking. Drinking glasses are generally categorized by their shape and size. The three major types are tumblers, footed and stem glasses. Tumblers are flat-bottomed and usually have straight sides. They are often called by the name of a beverage that is typically served in the container. For example, an iced-tea container is tall and slim. A Collins style holds mixed drinks. A juice holder is smaller and typically wider than that used for tea. Tumblers also hold beer and these are named according to the drink size. A pint tumbler holds an Imperial pint of beer and a pony tumbler holds 140 ml of beer. Footed glasses have a flat base and a bowl, but there is no stem on this type and they can be more ornate. They may be whimsical. The feet can appear to be added on or they may "grow" from the bowl’s base. Punch glasses might be shaped this way. A footed example designed in this manner may not have the bottom of the bowl touching the table or coaster. The feet are flat bottomed, but raise the base above the surface of the table. Stemware feature a flat base, usually disk shaped surmounted by a narrow stem or neck, with the bowl atop the stem. Some of the typical stemware pieces are a brandy snifter, cocktail holder, sherbet or ice cream bowl or one for consuming wine. The brandy snifter has a short stem, and wide bowl that is somewhat narrower at the top that an the base of the bowl. A cocktail container has a very wide bowl atop the stem. Although glasses will never be noted for strength, they are beautiful whether they are holding drinks or sitting on a pantry shelf. A variety of types will make your dinner settings interesting. It’s fun to match glasses to a particular use, or come up with new options of your own. Many brides register their choice of glassware so that those choosing wedding gifts know the preferences. Glasses of all types make great gifts for housewarmings. Just a small gift to let a friend know that you miss getting together for a shared drink of iced tea is a great way to get that habit restarted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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