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UnCategorized Amelia Island sports a lovely and lively downtown area designed in Victorian style with 13 miles of beach shoreline dotted by sea-oat covered dunes. Some of the best FL Beach Hotels have doors opening to simple beachside pleasures such as the hunt for an elusive shark tooth or building that dream castle in the sand. Since human feet have left imprint and impact for more than four centuries on the isle, many a vacationer keeps a watchful eye upon the sandy shore seeking something deposited long ago by history. Go Hunting at Fort Clinch State Park Standing at the water’s edge at one spot for a half hour allowing the surf to tickle you toes may reveal a coveted shark’s tooth – if you have the patience to wait and the eye for discovery. At the north end of the island sits some shark teeth hunting grounds near the pier in Fort Clinch State Park. Helpful hint: Go hunting at midday when these black ancient teeth come a glistening under a strong Florida sun. Teeth never tumble about in the surf but tend to float. Practice "locating" ancient shark teeth floating in the surf can result in a good hunt. Some people claim they can really focus well coming away with a dozen or so teeth from one hunting session when participating in this fun-filled beachcombing activity. Go Afloat Touring Amelia Island is the most southern member of an archipelago of barrier islands that number 100 stretching from the Santee River in South Carolina to the St. Johns River in Florida. Since there is a nearby submarine base that requires consistent dredging of Cumberland Sound, the Navy keeps replenishing the island’s northern stretch of beaches with fresh sand and historic artefacts. That’s right, often very old items dredged from the bottom where they have sat for hundreds – and some for millions – of years get deposited on Amelia Island beaches awaiting discovery from the next history hunter. Check Out the Tooth When you take a scenic Amelia River sightseeing boat tour, ask the captain to show you a tooth from a megalodon, a prehistoric version of the modern day shark that was an estimated 45 feet long living millions of years ago. If you wish to pick up something nautical and collectible but don’t want to labor in your quest, go a hunting through the shops found along the main thoroughfare of Fernandina Beach where many curiosities may be found just a shell toss away from your Amelia Island Hotel. If a sightseeing boat tour is too tame for your liking, take part in a kayak-driven tour that will guide you deep into the marshes, inlets and creeks for a nature lover’s view. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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