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Home-Improvement Of all the chores that homeowners need to do in their homes, grout cleaning is one of the more unpleasant ones. Nevertheless, it is very necessary in keeping your home looking good and in good condition. Because it is so unpleasant, most people are happy to hear about any tips or tricks that they can use to make the task easier. The rest of this article will give you some of those tricks. The first tip to remember is that grout cleaning is much easier and actually takes less time over all if you clean tile grout often. Grout is a porous substance and the reason that it gets dirty and does not .e clean with simple mopping is that the dirt and substances that cause stains work their way deep into the grout lines through the pores. The less time that elapses, between when the dirt or spill first touches the grout and your grout cleaning, the better. If dirt does not have time to work its way deep into the grout, it will be much easier to dislodge and clean it up. That is why weekly grout cleanings are better than marathon one a month cleanings. My second grout cleaning tip concerns the grout cleaning equipment that you will use. A medium bristled brush is the best choice for several reasons. If the brush is too soft, then the bristles will just bend when they .e into contact with the grout and will not penetrate with grout cleaners to dislodge dirt and grime. However, if the bristles are too hard, they will penetrate, but they might actually tear the grout and damage it in the process rather than just remove the dirt. A third grout cleaning tip concerns your grout cleaning technique. It can be tempting to scrub your grout lines and only your grout lines with straight back and forth motions along the grid lines. It seems like wasted effort to scrub the entire piece of tile. Nevertheless, it is better technique to scrub your grout lines with circular motions rather than straight back and forth motions. When you dislodge dirt with the forward stroke of a back and forth technique, the dirt is still under the scrub brush. As you start to move backward over the same area of grout, you push the dirt back into the grout. Circular motions will move the dirt out to the side for later clean up. My final grout cleaning tip is to occasionally rent industrial strength grout cleaning equipment or to occasionally hire a professional grout cleaning .pany. Your tile grout deserves to get special treatment every once in a while. Industrial grout cleaning machines have two advantages over hand cleaning. First, the scrubbers on a grout cleaning machine can scrub much faster and much harder than you can by hand which will help to get out really set in stains and dirt. Second, professional grout cleaning machines like the Bissell steam mop use steam. The hot steam will not only soften dirt and stains, but also it will kill bacteria that your over the counter cleaners will not. A professional grout cleaning .pany will use similar equipment, but they are more experiences and they also have access to powerful industrial strength cleaning agents that the rest of us do not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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