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Hangzhou aunt inadvertently into "black" 38 years back – to help police enthusiastic rush Beijing Beijing September 19 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Zhao Liujie Qian Jing) the household once lost will bring a lot of inconvenience, and Tonglu County of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province fangdama because of household registration consciousness, for 38 years as a the "black". Originally, in 70s from Huzhou married in Changxin Jiangnan Town Tonglu fangdama, remarried to Hangzhou during the Fuyang, fangdama did not handle settled, and even marriage without registration, causing it to become "black". The Tonglu police help, fangdama finally successfully registered in the county town of jiangnan. It is understood that the last century in 70s by the citizens account by the township village of unified management, responsible for verification, because aunt to marry out, has not returned to the village, the village was in accordance with the Convention, after the household registration in no other aunt registration, fangdama has not settled in Changxin and Fuyang. "At that time the family condition is not good, there is no such sense of settled in the countryside." Fang aunt recalled that, because it does not affect the life, it did not care. Over the years, Fang aunt has been no account of the people. In August this year, Fang aunt’s son considering her age, want to give her a medical insurance, but because there is no account has been unable to handle. Fang aunt’s family went to Changxin, she had lived many times, Fuyang, can not find the relevant proof materials, can not apply for household registration certificate. Over the past few decades, in the end is how the matter, there is no settled, Fang aunt also can not tell. In desperation, the aunt’s son in August 23rd to find her earliest domicile of the southern police station for help. Fill account is a strict control of public security organs, strict examination of household registration matters. An application for the Luohukou parties to truthfully state the reason, there is no account of the time, the public security organs to become "black" after life and family members and other aspects, and provide relevant evidence. Public security organs in accordance with the foregoing one by one to investigate and verify, confirm no heavy and no false information can be declared before settling down. South of the Yangtze River police station resident Dai Juntao received the request of aunt Fang’s son, the situation immediately to the Tonglu County Public Security Bureau administrative licensing department report. The public security organs of the parties to the situation of a careful analysis, that Aunt Fang out of the period of 38 years, a variety of situations are possible, so the work of the account must be very careful. In view of the spirit of the square aunt had been stimulated, in addition to providing the track of life and the first place of residence, the memory of a lot of things are very vague. Finally, a lot of work can only be borne by the public security organs. No account of the situation is rare, such a long time is rare. The biggest difficulty is that she did not go through the formalities of settling down, the two marriage did not apply for marriage formalities, can not find any information on the account." Tonglu County Public Security Bureau administrative licensing department official told reporters that only from her life trajectory and other aspects of the investigation. In order to verify the size of the square相关的主题文章:

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