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Harbin famous brand new members Long Dan 54 trademark List Life newspaper on September 27th – 26 days, reporters from the Harbin market supervision bureau, recently by the Harbin Famous Trademark Review Committee, identified "dragon Dan 54 trademark is well-known trademarks in Harbin City, the continuation of" modern "identified 130 famous trademarks the trademark of Harbin city. According to reports, this year the new identification and continuation of identified 184 trademarks involved in the industry range, wide coverage. In the "Dongan" as the representative of the automotive machinery manufacturing industry, in order to "sub channel people" agricultural and sideline products as the representative of the green food, with "Golden Sickle" as the representative of the industry of agricultural products, "year of food quality rinse workshop" as the representative of the catering industry, the "city of Sao" as the representative of the domestic service industry and other industries. In addition, the "Harbin Beer", "Zhengyang River", "modern", "Harbin bearings", "Binxi cattle industry", "Golden Bridge Cable", "Crouching Tiger furniture" and "victory cake" and a number of time-honored, original name, the new name will actively participate in the well-known trademark recognition and continuation of Harbin that way, the revitalization and development efforts out of a higher quality, better efficiency, better structure, advantage of the full release.

哈市著名商标又添新成员 龙丹等54件商标上榜   生活报9月27日讯 26日,记者从哈市市场监管局获悉,近日经哈尔滨市著名商标评审委员会评审,认定“龙丹”等54件商标为哈尔滨市著名商标,延续认定“马迭尔”等130件商标为哈尔滨市著名商标。   据介绍,今年新认定和延续认定的184件商标涉及行业种类齐全,覆盖范围广泛。有以“东安”汽车为代表的机械制造业、以“亚沟人家”农副产品为代表的绿色食品、以“金镰刀”为代表的米业农产品、以“年记餐饮品质涮坊”为代表的餐饮业、以“冰城嫂”为代表的家政服务业等众多行业。   此外,“哈尔滨啤酒”、“正阳河”、“马迭尔”、“哈轴承”、“宾西牛业”、“金上桥电缆”、“卧虎家具”、“胜利糕点”等一批老字号、原字号、新字号将积极参与哈市著名商标认定和延续认定,努力走出一条质量更高、效益更好、结构更优、优势充分释放的振兴发展之路。相关的主题文章:

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