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The small apartment is not good to remind 10493 Xinan evening news network of Anhui in the sale of the minimum 20 ( ) – Ping industry; Shenzhen developers launched area of 6 square meters of "cage homes" sparked heated debate, the reporter learned that the market there are many Super Large-sized apartment, but the area is not so exaggerated, mostly in the 20 square meters, is favored by the public. Hefei smallest apartment 20 square meters last weekend, Shenzhen a developer launched an area of only 6 square meters, the price of 880 thousand yuan apartment, and said half a day sold out. In today’s house prices rose, the news came out, immediately attracted nationwide hot debate. "Imagine 6 square meters of how to live, 6 square meters of house or house?"" Some netizens say that this is the same as the "dove cage" housing provided by the bottom laborers in Hongkong, which is just an anti human design. Reporters learned that the super small Huxing in Hefei is not uncommon. However, the area is not as exaggerated as Shenzhen, the smallest is about 20 square meters. At present, Hefei in the sale of real estate, 20 square meters of small apartments for sale. For example, a Luyang District launched 21 square meters of ~37 square meters of small apartments, apartments for 5 meters, 4 pick high, the current minimum of 21 square meters have been sold out. Binhu District also has high apartment sales, covering an area of 25 square meters ~65 square meters, the same, the smaller Huxing more sold out first. "The unit price is the same, the smaller the area, the lower the total cost, the smaller the cost."." Ms. Lin a few years ago to buy a small more than 20 square metre apartments for investment, according to her idea, she bought the apartment for rent, she has more than 20 square meters and 40 square meters apartment layout of the apartment layout can be selected at the time, but still chose the former. The reason is that "two units rent basically no difference", so it is better to buy small cost-effective. However, reporters also learned that some people think about the total price of super small Huxing apartment, but finally encountered difficulties when changing hands. Mr. Zhang’s real estate is less than 30 square meters, after a few years rental plan to sell, but hung for a long time no consulting. In this regard, there are second-hand housing intermediary brokers said, Huxing too small is not suitable for self occupied, second-hand housing buyers rarely choose such property. Popular on decoration to the larger room "designer guards the transformation of 6.8 square meters minimum school district room" of less than 30 square meters to meet the three generations of the family living"…… Recently, the case spread on some Home Furnishing transformation is very wide, some designers use the design "earned" space in a small house, to buy a large house owners can live a better life Home Furnishing. And this kind of creative decoration also began to be popular in Hefei market. The reporter learned that, at present many Jiezhuang companies, especially Internet Jiezhuang companies play creative decoration, small space space bigger selling point to attract customers. And some furniture sellers also do this. For example, some custom furniture business hit by a real furniture when the three room "and" let the house 20 square meters "advertising, these furniture furniture products compared to the general price is slightly higher, but still attracted some for the decoration owners, some owners have been finished, but also to turn the new profit 合肥小公寓走俏 在售最小20平 业内人士提醒不好转手   新安晚报 安徽网()讯  深圳开发商推出面积仅6 平方米的“鸽笼房”引发热议,记者了解到,合肥市场也有不少超小户型,不过面积没那么夸张,大多在20平方米左右,颇受市民青睐。   合肥最小户型20平方米   上周末,深圳一开发商推出面积仅6 平方米售价88 万元的公寓,并称半天售罄。在如今房价大涨背景下,消息一出,立刻引来全国热议。“想象不出6 平方米怎么生活,6 平方米的房子还是房子吗?”一些网友表示,这跟之前香港提供给底层劳工的“鸽子笼”房屋一样,简直是反人类的设计。   记者了解到,超小户型在合肥也不少见。不过面积没有深圳那么夸张,最小的在20 平方米左右。   目前合肥在售楼盘中,有20 平方米小公寓出售。比如庐阳区某盘推出21 平方米~37 平方米的小公寓,公寓为5 米4 挑高,目前最小的21 平方米已先卖完。   滨湖区也有挑高公寓销售,面积在25 平方米~65 平方米,同样的,越小的户型反而越先卖完。“单价都一样,面积越小总价越低,成本越小。”林女士几年前购买了一处20 多平方米的小公寓用来投资,按照她的设想,她买公寓是为了出租,当时她有20 多平方米的户型和40 平方米的户型可以选择,但还是选了前者。原因是“两个户型租金基本没差别”,所以还不如买小的划算。   不过记者也了解到,一些市民因为考虑总价便宜入手超小户型的公寓,但最后转手时遭遇难题。张先生的一处房产就不及30 平方米,在出租几年后打算转手卖掉,但挂了很久无人咨询。对此,有二手房中介经纪人表示,户型太小并不适合自住,二手房买家很少会选择此类房产入手。   流行靠家装让房间变大   “设计师逆天改造6.8 平方米最小学区房”“不足30 平方米满足一家三代人居住”……近来,关于一些家居改造的案例传播很广,一些设计师在很小的房子中利用设计“挣得”空间,让买不起大房子的业主也能过上更好的家居生活。而这类创意装修也开始在合肥市场风行。   记者了解到,目前不少家装公司,特别是互联网家装公司,打出创意装修、小空间变大空间的卖点招揽客户。而一些家具卖家也以此做文章。比如一些定制家具商就打出“靠家具能一房当三房用”“让房子变大20 平方米”等广告,这些家具相比一般家具产品价格略高,但仍吸引一些准备装修的业主,一些已经装修完的业主,也重新翻新家具,为家里扩展空间。   张贝 新安晚报、安徽网记者 胡霞利相关的主题文章:

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