Heilongjiang Province focus on water, electricity, gas, heating and other public utilities to restri unfccc

Heilongjiang Province focus on remediation of water and electricity, gas and heating limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly – Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn 9, reporters from Heilongjiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the Department of industry and commerce, the State Administration of supervision department in accordance with the requirements of public enterprises restricting competition and monopoly behavior were investigated, including water supply, the scope of inspection the power supply, gas supply, heating and other industries and enterprises. It is reported that this action will focus on remediation limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly behavior, the scope of inspection including water and power supply, gas supply, heating, broadcasting, communications, transportation, municipal parking, funeral, meteorology, banking, health care, education and other industries and enterprises; enterprise behavior restricting competition, including the legitimate rights and interests unfair competition, monopoly competition order damage and violations of the consumer behavior, for investigating a number of cases, a specification of industry goals, focus on remediation limit transactions, overcharging and tying, additional unreasonable trading conditions and other illegal activities. In case of strong electric water deposit behavior dial 12315 to report the water and power supply, the supply of public enterprises in 1 forced or disguised forced to apply for water, electricity, gas home operators or consumers to buy the home to provide equipment and materials, such as substandard product quality or do not understand the installation technology of equipment and materials of qualified excuses. The user provides, does not provide or delay the provision of water, electricity, gas and other services; 2 forced or disguised forced users to accept their designated operators to provide services, such as packing service fee and installation fees in the name, this should be provided to force the user to accept the public enterprises entrust verification services, specify meter design, construction units installation and other services; 3 forced or disguised forced to charge the lowest water (electricity and gas) costs, forced to charge users "water (electricity and gas)" guarantee deposit " Gold "or" prepaid charge, designated by the water (electricity and gas) minimum fee; 4 mandatory or compulsory purchase of insurance (such as property insurance, personal accident etc.) or other unnecessary goods; 5 water and electricity enterprise and its subordinate units or the designated operators overcharging for example, the new residential building tenants forced to charge home fees (fees, otherwise the power network construction) shall not handle the power card, provide electricity services to users; mandatory collection of cylinder testing fees, cylinder cleaning fee, otherwise not to supply etc.. Public transport enterprises 1 users first apply for IC card, the bus company or a disguised fee charged is obviously higher than the cost price of the fee or deposit; 2 mandatory or compulsory purchase of passenger accident insurance; 3 in the process of IC card, forced or disguised forced passengers to accept its designated operators to provide extended services or overcharging. The funeral industry 1 enterprises compulsory purchase sales of the deceased casket, memorial supplies, or do not provide funeral service or preservation of ashes and other extension services; 2 in the funeral expenses shall be directly included in the casket, memorial activities and other expenses, the family of the deceased overcharging fees; 3 mandatory or compulsory by the families of the deceased to accept other charges for services. (Tian Fang Chen Mingfei) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章:

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