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Health Hollywood is associated always with glamour, beauty and high price. You will not be disappointed to find all the three in the Hollywood laser teeth whitening system! There are advantages in having the best there is at your service. You get everything personalized, specially measured and custom made for you. The Hollywood laser teeth whitening system consists like the Zoom and BriteSmile of a gel, which needs to be applied on the teeth. The gel consists of the best whitening agent available today in the market, i.e. caramide peroxide and not hydrogen peroxide as the others. The carbide peroxide is an excellent ingredient, which gives the best possible returns in the shortest possible time. There are more advantages, taking into consideration the cost you pay for this process – the gel is usually pre-measured so you can just pour out just as much as it is strictly necessary each time. No more messing around with syringes and other measurements problems. The trays attached to the Hollywood laser teeth whitening are manufactured ultra thin for added maneuverability and .fort in use. Fast Results Will Amaze You The gel of the Hollywood laser teeth whitening has the perfect consistency for not spreading around or falling down; this helps in making a fast application and reducing the sensitization of the gums since the gel does not move/ drip over the gums. This Hollywood laser teeth whitening system is amazing. It also has a unique biting-strip, which enable the gel reach all corners of the teeth possible; which in turn will enable the teeth to absorb the optimal amount of UV rays for best whitening results. Since the quality of the whitening agent is the best there is on the market the Hollywood laser teeth whitening gives fast results – there will be noticeable results from the second week itself. The good news is that with this particular system, you are guaranteed more a year longevity of the results, while .pared to 3-6 months of other leading systems. Another great advantage with the Hollywood laser teeth whitening is that there are no side effects. As mentioned above, it rarely results into the usual sensitization of the gums or teeth. This is because of two main reasons first, the gel used is thick and does not overlap on the gums, and secondly, the system has an added a natural mint oil which helps to reduce this effect to a large extent, even if it happens. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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