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"Hot" poster police overlord flower sexy comedy action "cenlixiang hot to the Tencent hematic entertainment news directed by Hongkong director Qian Guowei spicy police overlord flower" in the movie file November 18th, released the first trailer, is eagerly awaited by many users. Recently, the movie poster exposure formally and "five flower Jinghua character posters, the movie sexy temperament show the most incisive. New posters, cenlixiang, Joyce Cheng, He Peiyu, Cui Bijia, He Peimin, Cai Jie, dressed in a sexy dress, look cute and lively, with a strong contrast of their hands cold weapons, so the other people ready to ice rose. Posters of the characters and the background font beautiful and bright, in the background of black background show a strong visual impact. With this poster also released the main characters of each poster. The king flowers concise fashion, strong valiant manner made this group of poster style more powerful heroine. Cen Lixiang’s killer Indoorsman Jen, Joyce Cheng as the company grow fat He Peiyu’s younger sister, a pupil of Cui Bijia as a sex goddess, tolerance is LingLing, He Peimin’s Androgynous brother Hao, distinctive. "Hot" is Hongkong police overlord flower producer, "Mermaid" executive director Qian Guowei to create the action comedy film, is a classic "reborn King flower theme of the film works. In 80s and 90s, Hong Kong prosperous period, bawanghua series achieved great success, not only created a new type of commercial films, also held the red Sibelle Hu, Kara Hui, Sandra Ng such as a public action comedy actress. As with bawanghua theme rejuvenation film, "spicy police overlord flower" emerging power of a large number of Hongkong cinema today enabled. Cen Lixiang as TVB popular Huadan, starred in many Cantonese culture area enjoyed high popularity in the works, as the soul of bawanghua squad in the movie, in the face of justice finally put personal character. Of course, the King spent in the movie, there will be a key role for the funny, classic Sandra Ng became a formidable image, the director Qian Guowei, looking for a new generation of the most comedy actress Joyce Cheng to assume responsibility, performance exciting. The movie "hot" November 18th National Police overlord flower release, blood more than funny stop.相关的主题文章:

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