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UnCategorized Are you interested in seeking out the crappie for the first time? Then you’ll be happy to know that this is an easy species to catch but there are a few things that you should know about crappies that will help you be more productive. First, here is a little information about the species itself. Crappies are a very popular species that is part of the sunfish family. They are a small species but they can put up a good struggle for their size. There are two types of crappies called the black and the white crappies. They are similar to each other but there are difference that make it easy to tell the two apart. For example, both species are a silvery or light greenish color but the black crappie is a little darker in color than the white crappie. They have dark spotted sides and seven or eight dorsal spines. The white crappie has dark vertical bars along its sides instead of the spots and it has six dorsal spines. Crappies have small mouths that are very fragile but that doesn’t stop them from sucking up a tasty meal when it’s convenient. What it does mean is that you’ll have to be careful when you set the hook. If you jerk too hard, you’ll pull it right through the mouth. This is something that you may have to practice for awhile before you get the hang of it but usually a short snap of the wrist will get the job done and the crappie will be securely hooked. Crappie Bait Options When you’re learning how to catch crappies, you need to know a little about which baits to use. There are several options available when it .es to the bait to use for crappies. Before choosing your bait you need to know that they have very good eyesight. This means that they can see colors very well and certain colors will attract them more than others depending on the clarity of the water and the depth in which you’re fishing. It’s always a good idea to play around with the different colors until you find what is working best for you and the type of water in which you’re fishing. When fishing with artificial lures you’ll get the best results when using jigs. However, many anglers find that small poppers, spinnerbaits and streamers can also work well for this species. If you choose to use live bait then minnows are the crappies favorite food and re.mended for any type of fishing. Other options include grasshoppers, worms, maggots and crickets. Even though minnows are the favorite food of the crappie, even they be.e a little picky at times. For this reason, you will want to switch around and try different things especially if you’re not getting any bites with minnows. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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