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E.merce Research shows that visitors who return to a site are eight times more likely to make an online purchase. Therefore customer satisfaction is crucial for customer loyalty and loyal customers are going to buy more, spend more, and refer more people, which is the key to profitability in the online marketplace. Customers who are interested in a product or service may go to your site with the intentions to buy but choose not to because they have questions or seek information that isnt readily available. Customer experience and satisfaction is about solving problems and getting questions answered quickly and with ease. .municating with a customer representative via phone or email can be frustrating and discourage customers from buying from your site because they have to wait for an answer. Customers dont want the hassle of holding on the phone with customer service or writing an email and waiting for a response so if you cant provide them with the information they need when they need it, theyll find a .petitor who will. Using live chat software you can improve your customers experience on your e-.merce site and take a step towards building customer loyalty . With chat software, customers are just a click away from being connected to a knowledgeable representative who can quickly address any questions or concerns they may have. Needle has found a way to make the online chat experience more personal and effective and improve customer satisfaction. Needle goes beyond the average customer support centers. Needle outsources fans from your existing fan base and trains them to sell your products or services. These fans already love what your .pany offers so they are able to give positive and knowledgeable feedback and information to potential customers. Because these fans are passionate about what theyre selling, customers are getting an honest response and sale suggestions be.e more like re.mendations from a friend. Needle is dedicated to improving the online shopping experience for customers and e-.merce sites. With Needles live chat support services, customers are going to be more satisfied, which improves customer experience and builds customer loyalty. When customers have a good experience with your .pany they are more likely to continue to return to your site and buy more, spend more, and refer more people. Still unsure if live chat support software is the right choice for your e-.merce site? Contact Needle today and request a demo. They will show you what live chat support software can do for your online business and point you in the right direction towards improving customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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