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Mobile-Audio-Video GPS Navigations are so popular in the car electronics market nowadays, more and more cars have installed these devices. If you want to know where exactly you are when you’re driving, a GPS Navigation is necessory; if you want to know the route to a unfamiliar destination, a GPS Navigation is necessory. There’re too many reasons for us to have a GPS unit in the car, there’re also too many options for us to choose a right GPS unit for our cars. You can either purchase an all-in-one DVD player with built-in GPS system, or just a GPS Navigation to use with existing LCD screens in your car. It is not difficult to have a GPS device, when we have one unit, we should have a brief realization on it. These instructions describe a GPS (Global Positioning System) car navigation system in which your commands and directions from the system are verbal and the names of the street you’re traveling on and the name of the street you’ll turn on appear on the system’s CD player display. The Car GPS navigation described here is the Commander, it is useful for us to know some knowledge about the work principle of this unit. Let’s check what steps will the GPS navigation work in the car. 1) Start the engine, and insert a map disc CD-ROM into the CD player’s CD slot. 2) Follow the voice instructions of the Commander. 3) Say the word "Navigator" before each command. 4) Spell the street name, address or name of the point of interest you want to go to. The Commander will respond, "Are you at (Street Name)?" 5) Say, "Yes." The Commander will begin its directions. 6) Say, "Navigator next." The Commander will tell you how far to drive until the next turn. 7) Drive the route. After making the turn, say, "Navigator next." The Commander will tell you how far you will have to drive to the next turn. 8) Repeat until you reach the destination. You can request the Commander to give the previous instruction by saying, "Navigator previous." And you can ask the system to repeat a direction by saying, "Navigator repeat." 9) Say, "Navigator next," when you reach the destination, and the Commander will say, "Goodbye," and shut off. The usage of a GPS navigation is not complicated, especially today, many GPS navigation systems are integrated into Car DVD player, with the built-in GPS system, the DVD players act many different important roles in the car. The use is becoming much simple and easy for the drivers, the functions are becoming much powerful as well. For more information about Car Rear-View Camera and Car DVD Player , please visit and .cargpsdvdplayer.. 相关的主题文章:

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