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Real-Estate As with residential property, there are many points that need to be considered when choosing a commercial property. Commercial property investors can also benefit greatly from using the services of a buyer’s advocate. The buyer agent will typically require certain information from you or a nominated individual from your business during a preliminary consultation, to gather and prioritize all necessary requirements in order to begin their research. Questions and factors you may need to consider include: Budget When considering price, you must also decide your business’s budget – what is your highest and lowest limit, and what would you ideally wish to pay for the property at the end of the process? Be sure to stick strictly to a realistic limit, as spending beyond your limits can put unnecessary stress on the business’s financial viability. Size For any business, size is a critical aspect. How many employees and what sort of equipment do you need to cater for? Will each staff member have their own office, or will they be shared? Do you require a reception area or shop? Manufacturing In many cases many businesses require not only an office but also a factory or warehouse for manufacture. Let the buyers advocate know of the specifications needed for your factory or warehouse area. Facilities Almost every company will require certain facilities for their staff – elements such as male and female restrooms, a kitchen, a lunch room, a security system and much more. The list is often endless when it comes to facilities – so be sure to have a good idea of what facilities you require. Special Features A lot of businesses have many features that they may require in order to meet certain standards or uphold a particular image – such as wheelchair access, multiple roller doors, a factory office and much more. Let the buyer’s advocate or agent know if you require any special installations. Location Moving your business to another location can be a mammoth job – and for this reason many businesses desire to relocate close to where they were originally located. Consider where you would like your business to be geographically located, and what sort of outlook you would like your business to express. You may require a shopfront, small office, factory – let us know where you would like to source a property. Future Growth At what rate do you expect or desire your business to grow over time? Should you be purchasing a property that is too big for current requirements, in order to accommodate for the future and avoid another unnecessary move? Be sure to be anticipating future expansion for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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