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Hubei Caidian prison police arrested fugitive relatives arrested details – Beijing, Beijing, 29 September Wuhan Xinhua: Hubei Caidian prison police arrested fugitive relatives arrested after details of author Gong Xuan pursuit special class 5 days and nights of continuous fighting, Hubei Caidian prison escape crime committed 29 am 1 Lei Jun 1 weeks in Hualing Chi Ma Gang Zhen Xianning Chibi City Road, a district arrested. Hubei Province Public Security Bureau 29 evening briefing to capture the details, Lei Jun is arrested in their relatives asleep. Heard that the police action was 24 fugitives special classes at 1 pm, Hubei Caidian prison officer Lei Jun kidney stone surgery in a hospital in Wuhan city hospital after the escape. In the morning, in the command and coordination of Hubei provincial Party committee under the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau police smelled, the hunt for multi sectoral joint research program, and the establishment of the arrest. The transfer of the program of evidence Lei Jun to escape from the hospital, he fled in the direction of the investigation, and find out the basic situation of his master. Meanwhile, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau issued a reward in a timely manner, the Lei Jun listed as fugitives online. 24 to 26, the Hubei provincial public security department has organized 4 held a special meeting to study the deployment requirements of combat units and departments of the police and program personnel, and clear responsibilities, detailed measures. The arrest program of the police department in close coordination, coordinated operations, the first time to mobilize grass-roots police team to carry out intensive in-depth Mopai visit, the first time making xiechatongbao sent to neighboring six provincial public security organs collaborative control, the first time through television, newspapers, leaflets to escape, domicile and focus on the masses along the propaganda the first time, relying on the safe sports network and WeChat public number, micro-blog official public wanted, formed a wide participation, all-round, multi-channel, intensive pursuit of powerful force. Trace lock escape arrest special classes investigation found that Lei Jun from the hospital escape after the taxi fled to Wuchang, and take several taxi to Xianning in the direction of. Xianning and Chibi police quickly dispatched more than ten card set intercept point in the city, and the distribution of several groups of civilian police visited Mopai Lei people. 26 afternoon, Chibi City Public Security Bureau Jing Quan branch instructor Xie Rong to get an important clue: some people see the Lei in the Yueyang Tower District of Yueyang city Hunan street express. Special class police more than 40 people drove the night rushed to Yueyang. In coordination with local police, special police investigation found: 25 days 15 when 05 to 16:30, Lei Jun "express ride Street into mount, staying in one hour and then ride" car to the train station, and then transfer the "rub" by the Yunxi District of Linxiang to Yueyang direction. In that Lei may fled to Linxiang City, civilian police through the "rub" plate to find the driver lee. Lee explained that the 25 day at 16:47, he equipped with Lei Jun in the YueYang Railway Station, along State Road 107 to the Lei sent to Linxiang passenger station near the old. Special class police investigation found that he moved to Linxiang, arrived in Linxiang passenger station near Lei, then transfer to a "SUZUKI" by the black country road to Chibi Zhao Li town. At the same time, red相关的主题文章:

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