Hunan caused 6 people were killed in the traffic accident for the next 15 years, the family’s hope

Hunan caused 6 people died of traffic accident was 15 years from families looking to restart the investigation – Sohu news Chen Jijiao every time after the families of the victims from the bridge when they want to have a miracle in November 13, 2016, Xin’an town of Hunan city of Changde province Linli County, 48 year old Chen Jijiao came to his place again The imprint is engraved on my heart. bridge, he hopes to there is a miracle. 18 years ago, a farm transport car with six fresh life into the river, so the six bones shadowless, Chen Ji taught his wife and 9 year old daughter was among them. The afternoon of July 21, 1998, a local farm vehicle driver Su Guiqing driving a car without a license for Xiang J50251, from Linli Xin’an County Liang Feng Cun Zhen Dong Ping Cun carrying more than 10 people to. About 8:30 that night, reaching the town of Xin’an bridge, flooded bridge nearly 0.15 meters, Su Guiqing off to see the road, found scattered through the vehicle. So Su Guiqing adventure driving across the bridge, due to improper operation, resulting in the wheel out of bridge overturning, Chen Ge and his wife and daughter taught 10 people drowning all. In addition to the four people, including the driver to help themselves ashore, the other six people were involved in the water submerged in the rolling unknown. Chen Jijiao survived rapidly after the public telephone calls to the Linli County Police Department, but the traffic police on duty just ask a "where" after he hung up the phone, nor sent to the rescue scene. Six lives have been disappeared after the "dead", the family of the deceased or driving or walking, searching through the Linli, Tianjin and Lixian around, searching for more than 3 months, failed to find the remains of the pro people. Because at that time designated by the government as a "natural disaster", the serious traffic accident has been gradually fade in people’s minds, but "the innocence" became the only mission of Chen Jijiao. Chen Jijiao after fifteen years of running and media disclosure, Linli County Public Security Bureau police brigade finally issued identification of "rollovers caused six missing" accident. The police found this would get angry, the families of the dead will Xin’an town government to court. The families that during a flood, the local government is not in the set the fence and warning signs of the bridge, but did not set a guard bridge and road closures control there are significant security risks, Linli county and Xin’an town government should bear the responsibility for the accident consequences. February 4, 2015, Linli County People’s Court issued a ruling, the Xin’an Municipal People’s government to compensate for 72141.3 yuan. In addition to Su Guiqing’s own father was not compensated, the other three people received a total of $93000 compensation. In addition, in the court under the coordination of the driver to each of the families of the dead for 80 thousand. The families said and refused to accept the appeal in Changde City Intermediate People’s court, but was dismissed the appeal upheld. Although the case has a paragraph, but Chen Jijiao still hope superior restart the investigation procedures, the unit leadership and the false concealed serious traffic accident shall be handled according to law.相关的主题文章:

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