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Immigration and cultural fusion:. Author: Jo Jo for immigration, "build a wall", or "bridge"? At the end of the first game of the United States presidential debate toplia has supported the first option. There are other politicians who think the latter is better. Then is: how to build? British money, have practical action in Calais started the project provides a guide to build the wall. It is better to see the scholars to investigate bridge method — how to make immigrants into mainstream society. Many countries have implemented a mandatory integration policies, such as the prohibition of immigrant mother tongue learning, or to restrict the clothing and religious activities of certain clothing. But these policies can achieve the desired effect? The answer to the Nobel prize winner, Akerlof, is negative. In a paper co authored with Professor of economics at the Duke University in Kranton, he proposed a theory of publicity and education: the concept of a single school, may be marginalized those cultural background and the concept of far away from the students, and make students the values and beliefs of consolidated and strengthened. Bisin and other scholars also proposed a similar theory, they believe that a minority of the mainstream social environment unfriendly, but will strengthen the ethnic minority culture and ethnic identity. Because a person’s values are influenced by two aspects of family education and social education, if the restrictions on the ethnic cultural and social education, national cultural identity more strongly the parents may be more ideas and value of children culture transmission. Theory needs facts to test. Vasiliki, an assistant professor of political science at the Stanford University, Fouka, validated the theory in his doctoral thesis. Professor Fouka takes German immigrants as the research object. She studied the influence of the prohibition of German teaching on the integration of German immigrants into American society. At the beginning of the twentieth Century, German immigrants established a number of private schools in the United states. In some of the regions where the majority of the German population is raised, they also have the opportunity to get bilingual education for their children. German immigrants are a successful group of American society, they can be said to be recognized and respected mainstream society. But after the outbreak of World War I, the situation has changed dramatically. America’s attitude towards German immigrants is becoming more complex, more complicated and more complicated. The federal government passed a bill requiring foreign publishers will be all the same war news translation into English; Iowa banned German speaking citizens on the phone; use some patriotic organizations even banned in german. From 1917 to 1923, a total of twenty-one states enacted laws prohibiting private schools in any foreign language teaching — but in fact, when the United States private schools "foreign language teaching" almost the only German Teaching — among them, Indiana and Ohio were banned in German teaching. However, the act was unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1923. The prohibition of German teaching can be regarded as a compulsory fusion相关的主题文章:

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