In a small warehouse Chili oil and vitamin – Sohu and PI blue silk

In a small warehouse: vitamin Chili oil refreshing PI blue silk – Sohu and cold weather, the market more selling Chinese cabbage, radish vendors in the market today, the discovery of the sale of PI blue, this makes pickled vegetables and salad is excellent! Don’t look at this blue green Pi skin, it seems green skin is a hard bottom, this must be thick peel, the white crisp meat will appear. Kohlrabi meat crisp refreshing, vitamin content is very rich, most people use it as a cold dish. Kohlrabi contains vitamin C and other nutrients, there is pain muscle function, can promote the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcer. Contains a large amount of water and dietary fiber, can be wide bowel laxative, constipation prevention and elimination of toxins. Kohlrabi is also rich in vitamin E, can enhance the body’s immune function. The content of trace element molybdenum, can inhibit nitrosamine synthesis, which also has a certain anti-cancer effect. Today we bring you is a relatively simple and refreshing cold Chili oil PI blue silk, it’s refreshing fresh, crisp, autumn and winter is a rare delicacy. Ingredients: Pi blue today delicacy, coriander seasoning: oyster sauce grams grams, grams of sugar, vinegar grams, grams of chili oil, garlic chili sauce grams delicacy production: Tips: happiness, PI blue skin is very hard, the peeling knife may be difficult to remove, so it is necessary to use a knife to finish quickly in all the time, can put the head and root cut, then along the edge can be removed. PI, blue is crisp and juicy, so don’t be preserved for a long time, with the mix with the food, to avoid too much water, nutritional value and taste.相关的主题文章:

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