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Sales If you’ve been using a laser or bubble inkjet printer for some time now, then you already understood how its ink delivery system works. Most inkjets, such as Canon and Epson printers, have built-in print heads that the machine manages and cleans on its own. This setup makes replacing Epson and Canon genuine ink cartridges an easy task to do. However, this also led to the manufacture of .patible ink brands, which constantly failed end users in providing high-quality image prints. The Ecological and Economical Benefits of Refilling Ink Cartridges More or less, the growth of inexpensive after-market printer inks resulted to overcrowding in landfills of discarded inkjet and toner cartridges. Seeing those mounds of black plastic containers pushed many people to find ways of preserving the ecological balance in Nature. Currently, huge corporations, such as Brother, Canon and Epson, have already launched their respective Green Initiative programs that aim to prevent further contamination of our atmosphere, our land, and our water resources. As of now, we’re benefitting from recycling old printer cartridges rather than buying new ones. Consumers save money through ink refills while entrepreneurs find a new business opportunity in selling ink refill services. Moreover, end users don’t have to choose between genuine, .patible, and remanufactured products because many popular brands allow refilling of their printer ink cartridges. So, you see a .patible Canon printer ink cartridge is as recyclable and reusable as a genuine Epson ink cartridge. How to Refill Canon Printer Ink and Epson Ink Cartridges A typical ink refill kit consists of three plastic injectors and three colored ink bottles. Each color (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) has a corresponding injector and ink bottle. The ink fluids must never mix with each others, or you might end up with mud-ugly hues. Prepare pieces of absorbent cloth to clean up ink spills and blots. Wear a plastic work apron or a washable raincoat to prevent ink stains from ruining your clothes. Lastly, put on a pair of goggles to prevent ink sprays from getting into your eyes. Now that you have your injectors and ink bottles, you’re ready to begin with the process of refilling your Canon and Epson ink cartridges. Use an injector to siphon fresh ink from one of the bottles. Make sure air bubbles don’t get trapped inside. Blot the tip of the injector before squeezing its content into one of the cartridges. The color of the ink should match its cartridge, injector, and ink bottle. Don’t let the ink overflow or let its surface reach the rim of the cartridge’s nozzle. This creates a vacuum inside the container and prevents ink from flowing into the print head. Be cautious in opening the print head area and installing the refilled cartridges. The hole at the bottom of the cartridge where ink is released should fit snugly into the spongy center of the nozzle. At the same time, you should also check that each nozzle is free from dirt, oil, grime, and other particles that causes blockage. In addition, make sure the print head and cartridges didn’t have ink leaks. You’ll only know, for certain, that everything’s fine after you’ve performed several tests on your printer. Finally, if you’re unsure of what to do, then you’d best seek the assistance of someone with experience in refilling Canon and Epson ink tanks. Incredibly, there’s little to confuse an ordinary user of inkjet printers. You have only five steps to follow and just two simple tools (injector and ink bottle) to use. Plus, every ink refill kit .es with a small pamphlet or a sheet of cardboard that contains instructions with illustrations on how to use the product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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