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An interview with DCM founding partner Zhao Keren: the United States also follow the trend of the phenomenon of the entrepreneurial Tencent of science and technology Ji Zhenyu "Beijing and Silicon Valley is now the world’s two most hot business center, not only in the United States Chinese, actually has to follow the trend of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship." Venture capital institutions DCM founding partner 24, said in an interview with Tencent technology interview. When talking about the Sino US business environment difference, Zhao Keren believes that the two countries are actually the hot pursuit of entrepreneurial projects, but the difference lies in the protection of intellectual property rights in the United States more effectively, resulting in some projects and will not have too many similar entrepreneurial projects and competition, and Chinese in certain areas of the venture there will be a lot of time, the fierce competition at the same time, but also cultivate the market. Three years ago Zhao Keren has proposed a famous "me too" theory, refers to those who follow the trend of other popular project venture, he believes that the past Chinese is a typical "me too" in the market, but in recent years in the mobile Internet era, this phenomenon has changed in China, he saw more and more Chinese company according to the particularity of the market and users, to have their own innovation. Founded in 20 years ago, DCM is one of the earliest global venture investment in the venture capital institutions, Chinese venture capital market are often active in the figure of DCM, the investment China technology companies including,, tuniu, easy to vehicles, such as pea pods. Zhao Keren said that the agency is currently focused on three major areas of investment opportunities, one for the enterprise market, two is likely to expand to the future platform type, and the other is engaged in cross-border business projects in the three. For the second, he further explained that, in the mobile Internet era, Apple’s iOS and Google (micro-blog) Android has established their own ecological platform, we hope to see the future in virtual reality, UAV, communications and other fields appear in the platform opportunities, these are DCM need to closely track the. DCM recently completed a total of nearly $800 million to raise funds, including $500 million eighth $100 million second flagship fund, A fund and $170 million for its success in post project fund. Among them, the $100 million A fund will focus on the field of mobile Internet, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, instant messaging and unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.. Zhao Keren said that most of the A fund will be completed to invest in China’s venture capital projects, each investment amount of 500 thousand to $2 million. In addition to the main investment in the early stage of the project A fund, $500 million eighth flagship funds invest primarily in the worldwide software as a service B2B venture project, at the same time, about 20% of the DCM A fund investment projects, the success of "graduation" and DCM during the period of fund investment, success before the project has received the flagship fund investment including China 58 city, South Korean instant messaging application Kakao Talk and provide loans for personal Sofi. At present, DCM’s management of total assets of $3 billion, as investors in the past 3 years has brought $1 billion 500 million in return, the return on investment from the 58 city, tuniu!相关的主题文章:

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