It shooting lightning onslaught Jiang kifo Feng Wenjuan interpretation of fencing Youth

"It" shooting lightning onslaught Jiang kifo Feng Wenjuan interpretation of Youth Fencing – Sohu entertainment. Onslaught of entertainment news by lightning poster Sohu mango Television Culture Co., like entertainment to bring its Dongyang as CO produced, directed by Zhang Xiaozheng Guoneishoubu fencing theme youth inspirational idol drama "lightning" in Jiangsu’s onslaught in Wuxi shooting. Jiang Jinfu, Feng Wenjuan, Hu Yuwei, starring Chen Yaan. Senior drama producer Chen Yijun, Zheng Meili, founder of Taiwan idol drama screenwriter Chen Yi? Production strength, fencing world champion Zhongman joined together to compose a youth inspirational, blood glory fencing overture. In response to full fencing "high value" Yan "legend," by Jiang Jinfu, the lightning attack, Feng Wenjuan Hu Yuwei, Chen Yaan co starred in the drama, they are invincible youth, Yan, the values out of the extraordinary strength of the fencers. "Real man", Jiang Jinfu Feng Wenjuan of the school of Xian Meishuai high value Yan legs CP incarnation fencing elite, started an unknown "love & competitive running. Taiwan idol niche Hu Yuwei or Fu Tsai strongest competitors, soft adorable actress Chen Yaan playfully challenge wayward coach… When you can rely on face to eat, but really love fencing of the stars, that the phrase "good-looking are handed over to the state", "fencing is all high Yan value legend, look forward to they show the collision sparks of wonderful surprises. The leader in idol drama together to create high value Yan stars of the best performances, the gold medal team has also become a major highlight of the show. Taiwan famous director Zhang Xiaozheng personally photographed, "eleven Xiao Lang", "JINGWAH", "White Witch cloud" and many other well-known works, a repertoire hit security. "Heaven’s wedding", "my queen", "I love you" decreed by fate a Golden Bell Award founder of the famous producer Chen Yijun teamed up with "Lavender", "sheep star", "Frog Prince" producer Zheng Meili cooperation, and create a number of Chanticleer idol drama screenwriter Chen Yi to become famous? The "right" of the powerful lightning attack support team. With a full heart of girl and blood campus plot, this drama has been waiting for fresh baked! "We are filming fencing champion joined the serious" faith of fencing seriously, "lightning" attack it crew also invited to the Beijing Olympic Games men’s Sabre champion Zhongman, national championship champion Xiao Yewei as the play’s fencing mentoring, there may be a special star. "I am very happy to participate in this drama, I hope that through this drama will be able to have more people know the fencing, understanding of fencing, the promotion of fencing this sport." Zhong man says. This drama is not only about youth, love the campus story, it is passion and dreams, face responsibility, interpretation of struggle and patriotic Chinese dream works.相关的主题文章:

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