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Jin Yu: the gold data mediocre gold refresh March highs hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Jinyu gold analyst on Tuesday (February 2nd) according to the market forecast data show on the market today are as follows: today’s important fundamentals: Monday the international spot gold harvest a Zhongyang, rose 10 the dollar rose nearly 1%. Sub city in early trading opened at 1117.52 U.S. dollars, intraday volatility upward, European market intraday range shocks, the U.S. disk early by the United States PCE and PMI less than expected bullish impact quickly pulled up, the intraday refresh intraday high of $1129.75, to close at 1127.80 U.S. dollars ounce. On Tuesday, Asian city opened in the early morning of 1128.40 U.S. dollars, the first plate pulled up, refresh the recent high point of 1130.45 after the rapid fall, trading at 1126 U.S. dollars a line. Beijing’s core PCE price index, which was released at 21:30 on Monday in, was in line with expectations, but the monthly rate of growth narrowed, while the core PCE price index remained flat in December. January Markit manufacturing PMI final value of 52.4, lower than the previous value and expected 52.7, in January the Supply Management Institute (ISM) Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) reported 48.2, unchanged from the previous value, but lower than expected 48.4. U.S. economic data is mediocre, indicating that the U.S. manufacturing sector will continue to face difficulties, further reducing the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations. Today the important technology: from the daily chart, Bollinger Bands opening up, gold prices continue to run at the top of the rail, rail near 1135 will bring some pressure, KDJ double high up, MACD red column kinetic energy is slightly shorter, comprehensive analysis, gold price trend will slow down, will shock in the range of 1135-1120 according to this, the operation support interval bargain hunting operation. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

金裕黄金:美数据表现平平黄金刷新3月新高 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   金裕黄金分析师周二(2月2日)根据金市数据显示对今日行情预测如下:   今日重要基本面:   周一国际现货黄金收获一根中阳,上涨10美元,涨近1%。亚市早盘开于1117.52美元,盘中震荡上行,欧市盘中维持区间震荡,美市盘初受美国PCE及PMI不及预期利多影响迅速拉升,尾盘刷新日内新高1129.75美元,报收于1127.80美元 盎司。周二,亚市早盘开于1128.40美元,盘初拉升刷新近期高点1130.45后迅速回落,交投于1126美元一线。   周一北京时间21:30公布的美国12月核心PCE物价指数年率符合预期但月率升幅收窄,12月核心PCE物价指数月率持平。1月 Markit制造业PMI终值52.4,低于前值及预期52.7,1月供应管理学会(ISM)制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)报48.2,与前值持平,但低于预期的48.4。   美国经济数据表现平平,显示美国制造业将继续面临困境,进一步降低了美联储加息预期。   今日重要技术面:   从日线图上看,布林带开口向上,金价持续运行于中轨之上,上轨1135附近将带来一定压力,KDJ双线高位向上,MACD红色动能柱略有缩短,综合分析来看,金价上涨趋势将会放缓,将在1135-1120区间内震荡,操作上可依托此区间高抛低吸操作。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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