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Music Who is Justin Beiber? If you have been watching the news lately and have been reading the papers then you would have already read that Justin Beiber is all set for his 2010 tour. Fans are ecstatic over this announcement and every newspaper is talking about the much awaited concert. If you do not already know, Justin Beiber is a Canadian pop and R&B artist who, at a very young age, has managed to gained much fame and fortune. The Fame of Justin Beiber Justin Beibers debut single had been released in 2009, One Time. His first ever song managed to get itself on the top 30 list in ten countries. His first album had been My World and the album managed to go platinum in the US. As many as seven songs from his debut album managed to get on the Billboards. In fact, he had been the first artist ever to have 7 songs on the Billboards. Justin Beiber has quite a few fans from the music industry including Usher who had featured in his video One Time. The song was a huge hit as soon as it had been launched and featured on the Canadian and US top charts. The other songs from his album like Love Me and Favorite Girl too became huge hits. One of his biggest hits had been Baby which featured Ludacris. The song climbed up to number 5 in the Hot 100 list and it also managed to get into the top 10 charts in 7 countries. Whats all the Fuss about the 2010 Tour? If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about his 2010 tour and whether or not you should get your Justin Beiber concert tickets, then you should know that the artist is immensely popular today and one of the most talented singers in the industry. He has been the youngest artist since Stevie Wonder to have so many songs featured on the Billboards. The reason why Justin Beiber is so popular today is because of his talents. The artist has managed to provide his fans with a power packed album which features some of the best songs today. Obviously, he has managed to win over millions of fans across the world because of his music and his great looks. If you have not yet got your tickets you should definitely purchase Justin Beiber concert tickets today since this could be your one opportunity to see the artist in person, performing live on stage. It is not very often that one gets the chance to see real stars performing on stage and all the hype in the media about his 2010 tour is not baseless at all. Fans are all mesmerized by Justin and you too should not miss out on this chance and get your Justin Beiber concert tickets as soon as you can. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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