Le and Ledu tiger triplets baby national day will meet in Chongqing, people.com.cn windows and visit mia farrow

Le and Ledu "tiger triplets baby" national day will meet in Chongqing, people.com.cn windows   and     tourists;   people.com.cn Chongqing 30 September, National Day coming, Chongqing Yongchuan music and Ledu animal world just full moon baby tiger and lion cubs will meet in the most adorable state in National Day and tourists friends. It is understood that the probability of the white tiger snow tiger was 1/100000, the occasion coincides with the arrival of the national day, it is very rare.   according to the keeper Shen Fa said: this music and Ledu fine pedestrian area is completed, the ad hoc for tourists to walk a broad area, the site inside, for the lion, tiger exercise pool, ladder, swing, and constantly improve the green make their living environment better here, the white tiger mother through adaptation to the environment, their own health status is also very good, especially milk enough, so the three tiger baby body condition are also great.   for National Day celebrate the arrival of the lion, tiger animal keeper gave the baby to take a common code named "Le toot", because this year’s national music and Ledu will host a large-scale "rattling clap Music Festival", and Ledu’s new master "Le beep" is in accordance with the lion, tiger baby the prototype design, they will bring together the feelings of joy and happiness! (Chen Qi Wang Chengjie) to (Chen Qi, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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