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He Tianju confirmed the distant basket only playing preseason NBA new season is still in the CBA he Tianju represents only the pelican pre-season is expected to visit NBA? He invited the pelican day pre-season sports Tencent cited the war September 15th news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 15th morning, the media broke the news that the Liaoning team players in He Tianju will represent the New Orleans pelicans team in the NBA season this year. In an interview, Liaoning’s deputy general manager of the machine also confirmed the authenticity of the news. In an interview he said the machine, the Tianju received the pelican’s invitation to participate in the preseason NBA. But he does not like "join the pelican as some media reports, but only in the game and China preseason game. Actually, in the NBA after the end of the preseason, he Tianju will return to the Liaoning team, and the new season to continue playing for Liaoning. The Liaoning men’s basketball team officially confirmed in later, the Liaoning men’s basketball team official micro-blog also announced the news, "NBA New Orleans pelicans team invited Liaoning Feibao team player He Tianju will be represented at the Olympic team to participate in the Asian Challenge Race, to the United States to participate in the pelican’s new season training camp, training with the team in a team then, two preseason games in October 1st and 4, respectively, against the Dallas Mavericks and Indiana pacers. And then set off for China to take part in two NBA China Games in Beijing against Houston rockets in Shanghai on October 9th and 12." Now he is Tianju following the Olympic men’s basketball team in Iran, Tehran in the 2016 Asian challenge. At the end of the game, he Tianju plan will be 24 this month left for the United States and the pelican. It is worth mentioning that this will be the new Tianju occupation career, the first team in the preseason on behalf of NBA. Last year, he has represented the pelican team in the NBA Summer League games. In 6 games and averaged 3.7 points and 1.2 rebounds.相关的主题文章:

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