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Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress deputy director Zheng Yuzhuo is double open – Politics – Zheng Yuzhuo photo. The Commission briefing yesterday, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Zheng Yuzhuo alleged canvassing bribery, ask for property, has been open and transferred to judicial organs. In March and April this year, Liaoning Province, two deputy provincial officials and former provincial Party committee secretary Wang Min has checked, they all suspected "canvassing bribery in Liaoning". Released in August 25th in Liaoning Province, "look back" the rectification briefing further shows, canvassing bribery exists not only in the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial court, the provincial development and Reform Commission Department of judicial institutions as well as Dalian, Anshan and Chaoyang cities also exist. The Commission for discipline inspection work in canvassing incite others informed yesterday that Zheng Yuzhuo ask for property, engage in canvassing bribery, incite others to do the work of canvassing. Ask for property problems of bribery crime; engage in canvassing bribery problem suspected sabotage crime. Wang Yang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of another province contrast checked "canvassing bribery and other non organizational activities, the Provincial Standing Committee of Su Hongzhang" in the democratic recommendation and election to engage in canvassing bribery and other non organizational activities, "Wang Min" on the election canvassing bribery problem occurred in Liaoning province have the primary leadership responsibility and direct responsibility "Zheng Yuzhuo, not only to" engage in canvassing bribery "," inspire others to do the work of canvassing". According to the decision of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate review, Wang Yang, Su Hongzhang and Wang Min are suspected of taking bribes in a crime investigation. Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zheng Yuzhuo’s notification is not only suspected of bribery, but also alleged breach of election. At the same time elected with another sacked deputy director of public resume shows that Zheng Yuzhuo was born in November 1955, in 1975, served as the Deputy Secretary of Liaoning Provincial Highway Administration Bureau director. In 1995 he was appointed deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation, December 2002 served as party secretary of the Provincial Communications Department, deputy director of the office in April 2003; Provincial Communications Department Director, party secretary; in September 2010 the provincial finance department director, party secretary; January 2013 was elected deputy director of provincial people’s congress. Coincidentally, Wang Yang, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress another alleged "canvassing bribery" is elected in January 2013. The position of director of the provincial people’s Congress, provincial Party Secretary Wang Min was in May 2015 from January 2010 to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, no wonder that Wang Min informed the primary leadership responsibility for the election canvassing bribery occurred in Liaoning province and direct responsibility". The scope of the rectification briefing revealed bribery of Liaoning provincial Party committee in August 25th announced inspections rectification briefing, "Woan Chuanan multiple problems, re carding Zhang Jiacheng and Zhang Xiaopu case of bribery buying and personnel, not to have a court judgment processing Xiaopu case and treatment is not in place to buy bribe officer, this organization handling opinions according to regulations;" requirements of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial court and Dalian, Anshan and Chaoyang City, earnestly learn lessons, focus on canvassing bribery, cliques, illegal employment and other issues to carry out special rectification, serious investigation related issues". This statement shows that the Liaoning provincial Party committee, canvassing bribery not only relates to the provincial people’s Congress in the province).相关的主题文章:

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