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And liar race   broken chain fraud (big data observation) — Law — drawing: Shen Yiling day, Shanghai police announced a set of anti telecommunications fraud data: 1 to October this year, Shanghai Telecom fraud fake public security fell 63.2%, amounting to 45.5% yoy; in such cases involving pseudo base station down 96.4%. In March this year, in order to effectively curb the telecommunications network fraud crime situation, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, communications, financial supervision and other departments jointly established the Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center, the implementation of combat mechanism preventing and combating governance, integrated operation. During the first half of the year, the Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center emergency stop payment accounts involved nearly 400 frozen, amounting to more than 8900 yuan of funds cheated more than 4.9 people, successfully discouraged. Freeze the account "in minutes" the morning of March 31st 8, the Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center received a warning, said the German Financial Corporation received an email cheated to Shanghai branch of the Agricultural Bank offshore account transfer 2 million 990 thousand euros. It turned out that the company’s e-mail system was breached by foreign telecommunications fraud, the suspect stole the company’s president e-mail account, in the name of the president, requiring the company to transfer to the designated account finance. With the central bank Shanghai branch line docking, emergency disposal, with only half an hour, the success of the accounts involved to stop payment, and coordinate the Agricultural Bank will backtrack to return the money involved. In the accounts involved was stopped after more than and 20 minutes, the 3 men to the bank for the transfer, was arrested by the police. "If in accordance with the previous process, to coordinate the accounts involved payment need to open all kinds of proof, layers of approval, at least one day." Introduction of the responsible person. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps detachment of two political commissar Shi Yuxiang recalled, in 2015, he was involved in tracking the account funds for travel, 8, from Guangxi to Hunan, then to Yunnan, before and after consuming half a month." Now, telecom, mobile, Unicom 3 operators, famous websites and 11 banks have to enter Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center. "24 hours of uninterrupted response cases reported and early warning prevention work." Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network monitor center value officer Wang Junjie said, "once received the alarm immediately sent by the sharing of information, through the internal system query and freeze the accounts, operators will also be timely closure of fraud and number of phishing web sites, to ensure that the first time to help people stop cheating." Precise positioning of the victim, in a timely manner to stop at 10:30 on September 14th, Shanghai anti telecommunications network fraud center phone after another. A series of intercepted phone calls on a computer. Most of these calls are from outside the play, they set up through the network software, can be displayed at their own number." Wang Junjie said. Through the big data platform to intercept such a suspected fraud phone, and precise positioning of the victim, promptly call to dissuade the victim, Wang Junjie and his colleagues are an important work. At 15:30 on September 6th Xu, the center received a system push information, a suspect number stare相关的主题文章:

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