Liberty League International The Shocking Truth, The Scam, The

Internet-Marketing Liberty League International was founded in 2001 by Brent Payne, and Shane Krider. One of the primary focuses of the company is to inspire and empower its members. There are three starting points listed below for anyone considering joining Liberty League International. These starting points are what you have to pay before you can profit with the company. $1,495.00 $7,995.00 $12,995.00 Steep? Well, option # 2 , and 3 are and more so for anyone who doesnt know how to Effectively Market to penetrate enough of a proper target market to be able to generate a decent income with this business model. In short this compensation plan is a 5 up. Before you can make money, you must pass up five sales. The five sales are either accomplished by you alone or a combination of your and your new members efforts. This depends whether or not you choose to make a product purchase. Here are 3 major reasons why business programs like Liberty League International fail. 1) When you or your members who you bring into a 5 up business program, are required to GIVE AWAY their first two sales, it makes it impossible to recover the return on your investment in the shortest time possible. 2) Usually the first five sales are the most difficultand these are the sales that you must GIVE AWAY in order to qualify or be positioned to make money yourself. 3) An overwhelming high percentage of people who join a 5 up business program will quit before they ever GIVE AWAY their first 2 sales. This is primarily because there is no instant profitability. THIS IS A HUGE KILLER OF DREAMS! Lets elaborate on fact # 1. Friend lets face it, every business traditional or not, requires some sort of an investment. Anything worth while in life requires an investment for that matter. If you are going to make an investment in yourself, dreams, family, and financial destiny, you will want to see to it that you are positioned to recover your investment ASAP. This means that you must not position yourself to have to GIVE AWAY ANY SALES AT ALL. You worked hard to get them and they belong to you. Right? RIGHT! Lets elaborate on fact # 2. When you are just starting a business, you will go through a learning curve. It could be a couple of days, a couple of weeks, to even a couple of months. Due to this, your first couple of sales will require the most out of you. It is crucial for the longevity of your business, that in the beginning of your business you reap the first fruits of your labor. No matter what your learning curve, you want to position yourself and your future members to make money ASAP. Lets elaborate on fact # 3. When you consider what we discussed in fact # 2, it is no wonder that a huge majority of the members of 5 up business programs fail, before they even get started. Know that you have read this article, and that you dont have to make that same mistake. About the Author: Antonio Easter is a Master Internet Marketer who has managed to succeed with making money online which has enabled him to also teach others how to do the same. For a Limited time Antonio is offering 1 on 1 mentoring to those who are serious about making money online. For information on how you can take control of your financial situation and achieve real success online, visit Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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