Lol national service qualifying off the first second rows of dopa in the first row of Sina – the

LOL in China in the first qualifying close brother Mark row Dopa second – Sina hero alliance zone in addition to de Marcia cup, another big game player is worth LOL concern must be the qualifying situation, today (November 15th) in China will enter the settlement date, began issuing the S6 season awards. So, what is your rank? An annual ranking, we have to pay attention to a region of the strongest King AI echo ranking, because this is our service game player are more concerned, after a district strength we have reached a consensus, a year before taking on the ten wave will blow to. So before the settlement, the first 10 of the national service has stabilized, we might as well look at! The first is the elder brother of the pony, it can be said that he is a super game player turned out, until the betta live recently, but seems to be looking for another platform. Pony brother second is dopa, most passers-by hanbok king, in the S5 season in the national costume hanbok both S6 summit, due to various reasons, estimation can only stop second. DOPA third is the name of a bromance, no other information is the fourth former Ig team ADC hours, but had already announced his retirement, a pity fifth unknown information sixth is a paradise high section seventh is the anchor of anchor teeth that he believed to see tiger god, live audience a better understanding of him, known as the first national service Jax eighth is said to be the famous anchor call me husband, in the anchor circle is also more famous one of the ninth anchor information unknown tenth is like panda TV, other information is not very understanding, is said to be very good at the hero Sina Ruiz posted this statement: This article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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