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Shenzhen District of Longhua for "Longhua spirit" language – Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: Longhua district for "what is the Longhua spirit" language Longhua spirit? In the history of Shenzhen Longhua new area change from node functional areas of administrative region, the people want to use what language do a "definition" for their own homes? Even the day, Longhua district to the community to solicit "Longhua spirit" language, causing the community response. "This tradition with the deep cultural heritage, Guanlan River, mountain sheep, Hakka folk songs, kylin dance etc. still impress people today; it was one of the main activities of the Dongjiang region, flames of war years left many heroic stories capable of evoking praises and tears in the axis of Shenzhen; here in the geographic position, came from the edge of backward small town, now is the rise of a modern international city, it is long." The day before, Longhua district general office, district Civilization Office jointly launched the initiative, with immediate effect, Longhua district to the community to solicit "Longhua spirit" language, unite ideological consensus, highlighting the characteristics of style, lead the future development. The collection of "Longhua spirit" language, with concise text, can be summarized this city the "past" and "now" and "future", Longhua is the historical tradition and spiritual heritage, social customs, values and spirit of innovation, open characteristics and other aspects of the summary and sublimation. The "Longhua spirit" will become the spiritual core of the future development of Longhua District, the formation of the radiation force of cohesion and centripetal force, powerful, inspiring and encouraging, leading the 3 million people in Longhua built a new axis of Metro modernization and internationalization of the common struggle. Mailing address: Longhua District Century Square journal along the river road in Guangdong city of Shenzhen Province, No. 1 building room 103, post encoding: 518000. Collection of electronic mail: ilonghua@sznews or 452744489@qq. Call Tel: 0755-23338051. For WeChat official public number: ask Longhua. (reporter Zhang Weixin correspondent Yang Mingming Li Xiaowen) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)

深圳龙华新区征集“龙华精神”表述语–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:龙华新区征集“龙华精神”表述语   龙华精神是什么?在深圳龙华新区从功能区转变为行政区的历史节点上,群众希望用怎样的语言,为自己的家园做一个“定义”?连日来,龙华新区向社会各界征集“龙华精神”表述语,引发社会各界响应。   “这里传承着深厚的人文底蕴,观澜河畔,羊台山下,客家山歌、麒麟舞等在今日依然打动人心;这里曾是东江纵队的主要活动区域之一,抗战烽火岁月留下许多可歌可泣的英雄故事;这里位于深圳地理位置中轴线,从边缘落后的小墟镇走来,如今正崛起一座现代化国际化新城,这就是龙华。”日前,龙华新区综合办、新区文明办等联合发起倡议,即日起,龙华新区向社会各界征集“龙华精神”表述语,凝聚思想共识,彰显特色风貌,引领未来发展。   此次征集“龙华精神”表述语,要求用凝练的文字,可概述这座城区的“过去”“现在”和“未来”,是龙华历史传统、精神积淀、社会风气、价值观念、创新精神、包容开放特质等诸多方面的总结和升华。“龙华精神”也将成为龙华区未来发展的精神内核,形成强大的凝聚力、向心力、辐射力,激励、鼓舞、引领300万龙华人为建成现代化国际化创新型中轴新城而共同奋斗。投稿邮寄地址:广东省深圳市龙华新区世纪广场沿河路1号管委会大楼103室,邮政编码:518000。征集电子信箱:ilonghua@sznews或452744489@qq。征集联系电话:0755-23338051。征集官方微信公众号:问答龙华。(记者 张尉心 杨明铭 通讯员 李晓文) (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章:

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