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Take a look at the universe in a different world – the origin of the universe of Sohu technology? Is there any limit to human development? Science encourages people to think, thinking makes people profound. Good content is rare, follow us to see a different world. Don’t question me, like me, my companions are cool. Public academic platform, knowledge society academic circle ID:Zhishexueshuquan long press the recognition of two-dimensional code attention initiated by returnee scholars to share information, integration of resources, academic exchanges, occasionally with romantic; Einstein’s brain to travel, taste Zhang Sheng first physical and mathematical wine, roaming alchemist, experience the Nobel Prize for Chinese Curve Wrecker. ID:jixieqianxian long press machinery line identification of two-dimensional code concern national mechanical micro education leader. Universal knowledge of various types of machinery, to understand the dynamics of science and technology, to learn all kinds of automotive knowledge, the release of cutting-edge science and technology products, science and Engineering Male essential! Why 500 thousand men are looking at the industry, pay attention to you will know! NASA Chinese ID:nasawatch long by two-dimensional code recognition on the protection of the earth, space exploration, discovery civilization. Big data abstract ID:bigdatadigest long by two-dimensional code recognition focus on big data abstract attention to the latest information, case, technical data, deep big data industry, communication data thinking and popularization of cultural data. Committed to creating accurate data analysis community. The team members are a group of professionals who are passionate, capable and willing to share the data. They are located in more than and 10 countries. The algorithm and the beauty of mathematics ID:MathAndAlgorithm long by two-dimensional code recognition focus on the mathematical and algorithmic knowledge sharing! If you are willing to understand: "mathematics is the lover, the algorithm is the love", so here is willing to accompany you through the long years! Even if you are a blank, but still may is full of interest and devotion of knowledge, then this could be your beacon of light you no longer afraid of confusion! Welcome attention! DeepTech ID:mit-tr deep science and Technology Press identify two-dimensional code concern DeepTech technology "and MIT Technology Review official exclusive cooperation a new technology content of brand. Focus on three aspects: 1, based on the scientific discovery; the 2, the real scientific and technological innovation; the second, the innovation of the application of deep science and Technology (3).相关的主题文章:

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