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Micro lesson: baby does not fall in love with kindergarten, whose fault? – since the Sohu since the establishment of WeChat group maternal figure, beans have been fighting for in the group to sprout benefits, in addition to a number of activities such as red group task, anchor interaction, topic discussion, exciting and practical figure bean micro class! A wonderful course constantly updated…… every week a lot of teaching! Micro class time: September 01 evening 8:00-9:00 location: WeChat parents treasure parents will be the group of & the 6 group of micro course theme: the baby does not fall in love with the kindergarten, who’s wrong? Who is the right thing to do? — school admission to education on the content: n reason not to fall in love with 2 of the 1 kindergarten education opportunity before admission after the 3 admission to do? 4 long time not to meet the educational strategy of the kindergarten life (reading) 5 parents questions, interact with teachers guests: Wang Jingshu Annie Wang of beans director, East China Normal University preschool education undergraduate, Graduate Education Management of Northwest Normal University. With rich teaching experience and education in the kindergarten. The research of 0-6 years old preschool education, domestic stem+, high, scope, Montessori Reggio educational philosophy advocates and practitioners. Shanghai education and teaching research topic writer. Registration: 1 add a small hippo WeChat (micro signal: xiaohematudou). The reason for the application of micro lesson figure beans will soon pull you to the WeChat group Oh ~ 2 small hippo to send you a small task, after the completion of the task, patience, we invite you to join the group. (* * * has joined the parents treasure group of users do not have to sign up, in the original micro class group can lecture The main application: if you think that the WeChat group free broadcast this period of micro lesson, please add micro signal Hippo figure bean (micro signal xiaohematudou) and indicate the name + number + group each group number, for example: Andy Lau +3+ (300421498) group registration deadline: 01 September 18:00 listening to books: 1 in the course of micro interaction positive and teacher interaction of bean sprouts, can get a gift Oh ~ 2 and more mysterious task, plus the hippo bean that WeChat map task details, also can get a gift! Warm reminder: 1 of the micro lesson to take the voice of the group + graphic sharing, as well as interactive forms, so that guests and the audience close contact. 2 all the audience by [figure] unified Hippo bean pulling nuanced letter group, before the broadcast began in the group banned, banned all small ads, malicious shuabing. 3 welcome to share this poster to the circle of friends praise, during the course of the micro will send good yo! 4 the final interpretation of the micro lesson to all beans.相关的主题文章:

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