Milkha AC Milan postwar fire transformation has 2 contradictions between the generals-diying

Miha: AC Milan postwar fire transformation has contradiction in Miha 2 Generals: This is a derby between the answer I want sina sports 2-0 away victory over Palermo, AC Milan has made two league wins, and unbeaten in nearly 5 rounds. In the defeat of inter Milan, AC Milan spirit coach Miha to take on an altogether new aspect, today’s performance is very satisfactory, he also explained the contradiction between VacA and union "". The first half of the match Milan completed two goals, Baka and even two times Kurtz card will be goal, if not the goalkeeper played well, Milan will usher in a victory, Miha said: "through the game, we gain the victory and unity. In the first half, we completely ruled the game, and after the intermission, we took control of the situation. We deserved to win and very satisfied. That’s what I wanted to get after the derby." As Micha said before, as long as the AC Milan will unite and win the fight, then they will not fear any opponent, their goal is to break into the Champions League now, look at the team in Europe is what position: "compared with the first half of the season, it is a completely different Milan. At the beginning of the season, we were very painful, but now the team has improved a lot both psychologically and technically. Now we are very close to the European war, but the Europa League is not enough for us. We need to see if we are qualified to challenge the bigger stage." In the first half, gnan scored a penalty kick in, however he is before, Baca took the lead in placing the ball in the penalty area, but the union grabbed the penalty after Baca seems to have some unhappy, this Micha explained: "they can be a penalty kick for players, no matter what. Baca was angry, but in the locker room we have solved the problem, it is important that he scored." (simple, shallow)

米哈:AC米兰德比战后浴火蜕变 2大将之间有矛盾 米哈:这就是德比战后我想要的答案   新浪体育讯  客场2-0完胜巴勒莫,AC米兰取得了联赛两连胜,并且在近5轮保持不败。在击败国际米兰后,AC米兰的精神面貌焕然一新,主教练米哈也对今天球队的表现十分满意,同时他也解释了巴卡和尼昂之间的“矛盾”。   上半场比赛米兰就完成了两粒进球,巴卡和库茨卡甚至还有两次必进球的机会,如果不是对方门将发挥出色,米兰又会迎来一场大胜,米哈也表示:“通过一场比赛,我们收获了胜利和团结。在上半场我们完全统治了比赛,而中场休息过后我们则控制住了局面。我们配得上胜利而且非常满意,这就是在德比战后我想得到的答案。”   如米哈之前所说,只要AC米兰能够团结一致并保持争胜的斗志,那么他们不会惧怕任何对手,现在他们目标是闯进欧冠,看看这支球队在欧洲到底是什么位置:“与前半个赛季相比,现在是一支完全不同的米兰。在赛季初段我们非常痛苦,但是现在球队无论是在心理上还是技术层面都有了非常大的提高。现在我们非常接近欧战了,但欧联还不能满足我们,我们要看看是否有资格挑战更大的舞台。”   在上半场,尼昂打进了一粒点球,然而在他主罚前,是巴卡率先将球摆在了点球点上,而尼昂抢过点球后巴卡似乎也有些不高兴,对此米哈解释道:“他们都是可以主罚点球的球员,没有什么问题。巴卡有些生气,但在更衣室里我们已经解决了这个问题,重要的是他也进球了。”   (简浅)相关的主题文章:

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