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Mobile phone charging pile behind free of charge: the mandatory installation of –IT– software original title: mobile phone charging pile behind free of charge: the mandatory installation of software recently, due to the use of the free charge at the train station equipment, Ms. Zhang’s mobile phone has been installed three App software also appeared crash situation. In a rage, Ms. Zhang will smooth operator of filling and the train station to court. In the Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station waiting room, mobile phone charging station still full of passengers for mobile phone charging. Some passengers found that after the use of high-speed charging, the Android system is installed in the phone three software. At the same time to provide convenience, forced to install some passengers also have some concerns: will not disclose privacy? Free charging pile and how profitable chain? Witnesses want to quickly charge Android mobile phones must be open to the right of the Beijing West Railway Station, each waiting room has such a smooth charge charging pile technology, free charging service for passengers. The charging pile is divided into two regions, including high-speed charging area and normal charging, fast charging, and ordinary charging plug than about 5 to 1, various types of Goods are available in all varieties. plug. Beijing North Railway Station waiting passengers are not many, charging pile on the screen has been animated display of the charging pile to provide services, and how to get the service. Mr. Liu waiting for the phone, watching the video and began to operate. Mr. Liu is using the Android mobile phone system, charging pile screen scan two-dimensional code to download and install the free charge assistant, insert the charger in the high-speed charging zone, and then reconnect the power has been found in the mobile phone × × and three software. A clear screen to inform the passengers, if you want to get a high speed charging service, you must open the device permissions, if you can not open the ordinary charging service. However, charging pile above also prompts: the user can choose to use or uninstall." In the use of iOS mobile phone charging system, after the insertion of the charger, click on the "trust" option, the phone will enter the state of charge, the phone does not appear to be installed three kinds of software. Beijing West Railway Station, a passenger said he was just in accordance with the instructions to carry out the operation, the phone is dead, can squeeze in charge of a good charge. Anyway, very convenient, it installed a few software." Beijing North Railway Station waiting hall, a female passenger after charging a long sigh of relief. Before charging, the phone is only 10% of the remaining electricity. Electricity slowly rising, she looked at the phone did not care about the software has just been installed, the ANN on it, and then fill it out after unloading." Experience high-speed charging 15 minutes to charge the phone at the Beijing North Railway Station in Chifeng, Mr. Wang, standing in front of the phone charging pile charging in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A few minutes ago, after a series of operations, Mr. Wang’s mobile phone into the charging mode. After calculation, in 15 minutes, Mr. Wang’s phone power rose from 18% to 26%. This charge speed is quite fast, before using a dollar charge 20 minutes, this faster than that speed." Ordinary charging area, the reporter through the ordinary)相关的主题文章:

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