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Net Beijing version of the articles about the car comments due some drivers began to retreat car – Beijing yesterday is the Ministry of transportation and other seven ministries jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" of the formal implementation of the day. However, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission a month before the release of the "Beijing city network booking taxi management service management implementation rules (Draft)" and "Beijing City Private minibus carpool guidance (Draft)" is still in the draft stage, the provisions are not yet issued. In this vacuum period, drops platform, drops driver, leasing companies are still operating as usual, looking forward to the official version of the release. Beijing has not yet issued formal rules of the state and the city of Beijing yesterday is the specific implementation date, on the net about the new car but because Beijing city had released the "Beijing online booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" and "Beijing City Private minibus carpool guidance (draft") is in the draft stage, has not issued a formal version of the new deal, therefore, Beijing city network about the car market did not usher in the mutation". Whether it is about the car company or the driver, are in the vacuum period, wait and see the official version of the introduction. At the end of July, by the Ministry of communications, Ministry of public security and other seven ministries jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" officially announced. The approach to the national network about car management provides a total guide ideas, however, the specific policies of each province also need to develop their own. Beijing City Traffic Commission had planned to file a formal release before November 1st repeatedly postponed, has not yet been announced. Continue to negotiate with the relevant departments easily, China has been upgraded by the new system in the past more than and 20 days, the company has been trying to communicate with the relevant departments of the government. Didi said, over the past three weeks around the network about the implementation details of the car during the consultation, we actively communicate with the authorities in charge of the report, combing the specific views." In addition to drops, other network about car platform are also in accordance with the requirements of the new deal has been upgraded. Easy to respond that easy to be in accordance with the requirements of the new deal to actively apply for qualification, and the existing business for scientific optimization. Shenzhou car simply responded that the Shenzhou car has been in the new deal with relevant departments according to the requirements of docking, everything goes smoothly. From the beginning of this month, the country gradually introduced the local network about the new car. For Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other network about new car draft is strictly, in addition to the standards prescribed by the state, also asked the driver to drive the vehicle, is the city residence with a local license, the vehicle wheelbase is greater than 2700 mm. These requirements will undoubtedly many drops, excellent step driver out. According to statistics in terms of drops, the car is currently engaged in the network of vehicles in line with the requirements of the new wheelbase, less than 15. According to Shanghai statistics, Shanghai has activated more than 41 drivers, only less than 10 thousand drivers with Shanghai local household registration, that is less than 140. This figure may reflect the proportion of urban residents in the proportion of the status quo. Didi, yuho Jing相关的主题文章:

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