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Inter.-and-Business-Online When starting an online business from home it is often difficult to think of niche ideas around which to build a business. Remember that there are three main markets of health, wealth and lifestyle into which all of your ideas will fit. As you begin to think about possible topics for your online business, focus first on these three large markets. Write them down as headings on a piece of paper, and think of any ideas that would fall into the three categories. Remember also that when starting an online business from home you will need to serve a group of people who have a problem that needs solving. Now write down on your list any ideas you have that fit into the three main markets for which there may be a problem to solve. It is also helpful if you decide to do this brainstorming task systematically. What do I mean by this? Start with all the ideas you can think of starting with the letter "a". For example, as a former bookkeeper I can think of accounting. This subject would fall into the "wealth" category. For the health market, how about acne – that would make a good area in which to offer helpful solutions for a big group of people that are desperately suffering. You can carry on in this way systematically moving down the alphabet to think of other topics. Here are some that I came up with: 1. Aerobics – health, aviation – lifestyle 2. Babies – lifestyle, beauty – lifestyle 3. Cars – lifestyle, cell phones – lifestyle 4. Diving – lifestyle, Finance – wealth 5. Holidays – lifestyle, home improvement – lifestyle 6. Investing – wealth, photography – lifestyle 7. Recipes – lifestyle, weddings – lifestyle 8. Weight loss – health, writing – lifestyle Within these groups there are many other super niche ideas which you can use to narrow down your focus even more. Super niches are a specific section within a niche. Maybe an example will illustrate this more clearly. If we use the "babies" idea, we could choose a super niche area to work on such as tips for new mothers, or a health guide for new babies. Many inter. marketers have found that they have more success if their focus is more specific than broad. You can easily find super niche topics if you browse some magazines on your topic. A babies and toddler magazine will give you inspiration in this area. Use these super niches to create a free guide that you will use to build your business email list. As you can see, it is not too difficult to find some niche ideas when approaching the task systematically as I have done here. Think of the three main markets of health, wealth and lifestyle. Work your way through the alphabet and think of topics that have a problem waiting to be solved by you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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