Nine Month Miracle opening CCTV qiuwan moon rising beautiful romantic-incubus

Nine Month Miracle opening CCTV qiuwan "moon rising" beautiful romantic Sina entertainment news tonight (15 days) of the CCTV mid autumn evening, nine month miracle [micro-blog] once again boarded the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Gala, showing a new arrangement of the song "the moon rise", as the year of the monkey, with a beautiful Mid Autumn Festival romantic blessings. In the year of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, nine month miracle is as the opening singer, with a "beautiful" China go up with the whole atmosphere. The CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party stage, the director of the group is still in use for the gold partner as a starter for the candidates. But in order to fit the mid autumn moonlight, reunion and graceful atmosphere, nine month miracle has changed in the past a dynamic music, turn to a beautiful atmosphere of the "moon rise" to the national audience. An opening party, water electric stage carrying nine month miracle into the center of the field, the introduction of building in the water, water in the illusion of taichung. The combination of the members of a white dress in Taichung, small Wei long hair, white body, classical music style appearance. "The Mid Autumn Festival in Changan, qingshuichufurong, in the elegant mood, romantic atmosphere, Overture" moon rising "by the nine month miracle chanting meanders, elaborate arrangement, refined artistic conception, passed under the nine month miracle exquisite singing a peaceful feeling, make the whole venue immersed in the warm atmosphere. It is understood that the song lyrics, by Yang Qifang [micro-blog] composer Li Jie, nine month miracle concert "moon rising", is specially for the 2016 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival Party created new songs. In the song, song writer Li Jie also joined the sheer ingenuity, to create a specially clever little tailor for playing clips Wei playing electronic organ, to bring people in the beautiful scenery and the more small Wei played a deep foundation, more for the whole song with a special pen. (commissioning editor: Landscape)相关的主题文章:

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