Ningbo guy drove down the bridge thanks to the alarm system saved him pigeon blood

Ningbo guy driving fast down the bridge thanks to the alarm system to save him in November 8th at 9 pm, Ningbo high-speed traffic police detachment command center received the vehicle collision warning system to self-help "information, a Ningbo license Chevrolet car in G92 Expressway happened. Therefore, about the location in great saphenous near 6 km. After the alarm, the high-speed traffic police immediately rushed to the scene of the accident, the strange thing is, on the highway and did not see the vehicle accident. A few minutes later, the police in a small hill near the careful search, found that the protection of the hills are damaged, continue to look forward to find a bridge, the following is a 3 meter wide river. Did the car go down the bridge? Under the dim light, the police finally found a rickety black car on the right side of the bridge mud dam. The vehicle was severely damaged, the car hanging in the air, the front window glass rear window all broken, license plate is missing. The driver lying in the driver’s seat, trembling, police to keep the driver shouted, but the other did not respond. Subsequently, 3 fire engines rushed to the scene, the fire brigade to carry professional equipment for rescue, the driver was soon carried out. After getting out of the predicament, the driver gradually regained consciousness, his surname Huang, 29 years old, Yuyao people, from Ningbo to Yuyao before the incident, how to fall to the high-speed bridge, he also said it was not clear. Subsequently, the driver Hwang was sent to an ambulance to the nearest hospital for further examination and treatment. Police said the accident, the yellow car on the vehicle collision alarm system has played an important role. In that state, passing vehicles is difficult to find the accident car, and the driver unconscious after the incident, there may be second days to be found during the day. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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