Ningbo to develop management practices barbaric decoration or be included in the credit

Ningbo proposed management measures or barbaric decoration is included in the credit "blacklist" – Beijing arbitrarily change the housing structure, without knock on the walls, was neighbor to the supervision department, supervision and rectification, still not satisfied, still brazenly barbaric decoration". The landlord should watch out, after it is possible to like "Laolai", promises are included in the "blacklist". Last week, the Municipal Construction Committee invited residents and street, property management unit workers held a symposium, reporters learned from Ningbo, has tentatively set the "Ningbo city housing renovation illegal dishonesty blacklist management procedures", and not to implement the "blacklist" management in the decoration industry. How to effective management and other issues, to make multi views and suggestions. 11 acts or be included in the blacklist Ningbo is seeking advice, the development of a number of ways to manage the landlord feel, how to install my home how to change, but their own thing. In fact, not reasonable hammering, very easy to affect the whole building and neighborhood residents living environment. The reporter saw in the "Ningbo city housing renovation illegal dishonesty blacklist management procedures", the provisions applicable to the state-owned land on the legal construction, project investment of 300 thousand yuan in the following or in the construction area of 300 square housing renovation illegal dishonest information behavior meters below the cognizance, publicity, discipline, and exit management. During the renovation, whether it is engaged in decoration design and construction of the enterprise and its employees, individual decoration operators, or the house owner, lessee, etc., involving 11 bad behavior, or to be included in the scope of the code. It mainly involves the following actions: in accordance with national and provincial relevant illegal decoration into the city housing credit "blacklist" conditions of illegal behavior; housing decoration "accident" above level of security incidents; in the city renovation process, by the relevant administrative organs of administrative punishment; in the city renovation activities, the judicial organ or the arbitration institution ruled illegal decoration; the relevant administrative authority or its authorized third party damage to housing agencies, the use of housing safety hazards have been identified that the illegal facts, overdue rectification, the risk is not eliminated; by violence, threats and other ways to obstruct the relevant administrative organs according to law enforcement personnel on-site supervision and inspection, or to not with the violations investigated and dealt with; be above the level of the use of housing safety supervision and management departments to supervise the handling, overdue The completion of the rectification; without the original design unit or the same design qualification units issued design contact list, Chaigai scissors wall, piaochuang. Once included in the credit "blacklist" will affect the housing provident fund loans, the "Interim Measures" more stringent regulations are included in the national, provincial, city housing renovation illegal dishonesty blacklist management behavior, also included in the municipal credit "blacklist" management, information construction, and dishonesty in financial industry the implementation of communication and exchange. In other words, credit records may be a lifetime, no matter where. And during this time, the owners are likely to find themselves everywhere restricted. For example, suspend myself and their spouses相关的主题文章:

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