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North Carolina entered a state of emergency police shot dead civilians sparked demonstrations – Sohu news, a protester and police struggle. According to the Fawkes news network reported on September 21st, after the outbreak of mass protests in two consecutive nights, North Carolina Governor Pat? Mccauley (Pat McCrory) has been in the local time 21 evening declared a state of emergency, and to seek help from the United States National guard. As of Thursday morning local time, the situation has calmed Sherlock. 21 pm local time, at the beginning of 10, Sherlock local police have begun to require all citizens including journalists, leaving the downtown area back to the room, and that if you do not comply with the measures will be taken to arrest. The protest was triggered by a police officer who shot and killed a black man Keith (Keith Scott) on the 20 day of the incident in. According to the British "Guardian" reported on 21, Sherlock City Police Commissioner Kerr Putney? (Kerr Putney) said at a news conference, Scott shot a black police hunt search was a fugitive, at this time Scott was holding a pistol off by the police mistaken suspects, the police before the shooting has given several clear the warning let him lay down their arms, but he did not listen to. But Scott’s family in an interview with the police denied that, saying that Scott did not carry guns, he was sitting in the car ready to pick up the children coming home from school. According to the New York Times reported on 21, Sherlock local people said the city has now been like a battlefield chaos. Local law enforcement authorities also fired tear gas at demonstrators, and more than a dozen protesters said they had been subjected to police brutality during the demonstration. Up to now, 16 police officers have been injured in the protests, and a protest was seriously injured in the protests. Xia Tero municipal government said the injured people have been rushed to hospital on its official twitter, but its identity has not yet been confirmed, also said the protests is a conflict between "citizen to citizen", the police did not protest in the maintenance of law enforcement over Cheng Kaiqiang, but really launched a plurality of tear gas bomb. The mayor of Sherlock, Jennifer? Robles (Jennifer Roberts) in an interview with the CNN (CNN) also said that the government is trying to make the city to return to peace and quiet, she has asked the relevant departments to seriously check the police in the enforcement of the video of Scott, but she also said that the government will not be announced the demonstrators demanded image data. The United States presidential candidates also have in their respective personal social platform made a comment on the incident, Trump said in the incident of Sherlock is a tragedy of hundred-percent, calling on people to work together to make national security up again. Hilary later issued a similar opinion, similar police shootings should be at the end of the time, this kind of thing is intolerable, we should face prejudice, enhance law enforcement capabilities." Scott.相关的主题文章:

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